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    Wanna Escape With The Squad? Sign Up For This All-Girls Trip To Ladakh

    Moyurie posted on 27 April


    Girls, pack your bags because Girls On The Go Club is organising an all girls’ trip to Ladakh this summer and it’s giving us major #wanderlust.

    What Is It?

    Ladies, did you know that Girls On The Go Club is this uber-cool travel forum that consists of only women travelers? They have even gone to Bali and Antarctica! And guess what they have planned for you in the summer? A 9-day tour of Ladakh, from June 15 to June 24!

    Who Is It For?

    All the ladies wanderlusting, this is your clarion call! If you love travelling in conducted tours but never felt safe enough to do so, sign up for this trip by Girls On The Go Club. Take your BFF, mom or just go solo.

    Imagine all the wonderful female travelers you will get to meet from all around the country, the offbeat places and things you’ll get to try out and the lit #girlsquad you’ll have by the time you’re back home. Excited, yet?

    Why Should I Go?

    When we say their itinerary is offbeat, we really mean offbeat. I mean, where else would you find spots like the Dumkar petroglyphs, the Dhahanu Aryan village and Turtuk (a community following the Balti culture) in a Ladakh itinerary? Petroglyphs are images created by incising, picking and carving rocks. Did you know Ladakh had that? The itinerary also covers Saspol Caves where you can see intricate Buddhist paintings dating back to 13th – 15th century AD.

    Anything Else?

    You must have a million questions about the prices, full itinerary, registrations and all by now, right? Just shoot a mail with your queries at For more details, check out their page here.

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