Attention Comic Lovers! There's A Superhero-Themed Cafe In Town

    Kalighat, Kolkata

    What Did I Like?

    Themed restaurants are trending in the ever-evolving food scene of Kolkata. Sadly, most of these eateries forget about the food while paying attention to the decor and ambiance. Thankfully, Cafe HQ is successfully handling both aspects. You can enjoy some excellent food here, sitting in the middle of an accurate superhero theme. Cafe HQ is new, and already it has managed to establish a menu full of delicious food and a really intense ambiance. What's interesting about the ambiance is that with the back-lit neon posters, the lampshades, the menu design and everything else, Cafe HQ is not just a colorful place for children but it has managed to grasp a mature vibe that we see in the DC and Marcel movies now. It is a place for grown-up, comic book-loving foodies. Cafe HQ knows that even though the theme is an attraction, the main purpose of the establishment is to serve the ever-hungry foodies of Kolkata and has a really elaborate menu of great dishes. From starters to desserts, the dishes are quite impressive. The mocktails, too, are quite interesting.

    What Could Be Better?

    Cafe HQ has the potential to become a more interactive place for comic book lovers of all ages and be a great place for young diners. What's great is that the management realizes that, and is working constantly to improve in every way, every day.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    You've gotta try their Wasabi Cottage Cheese, Superman Lamb Burger, BBQ Batwings, Chicken BBQ Pizza, Chicken Stroganoff, Hurley Quinn's Apple Pie, Tiramisu, and Spidey's Sparkling Espresso.
      Kalighat, Kolkata