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Typewriters, Film Cameras & More: How To Find Vintage Treasures At Kolkata's Auction Houses

    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    Ever wonder where you can pick up some nice antique collectibles in the city? The auction houses on Park Street, Victor Brothers and Russel Exchange, have some really interesting vintage items in store for you.

    Brownie Cameras

    The days of film cameras are dying, with everyone switching to DSLRs, and other styles. The only cameras surviving the shift in market are polaroids. But if you want to try your hand at retro film photography or simply decorate your home with these lovely old models, Victor Brothers’ has a great range of Brownies which they restore to working condition on purchase. They come at INR 3,000 onwards a piece and look amazing with the tinge of aged metal. Definitely a must-buy for aspiring photographers!

    Vintage Car Models

    Red Aston Martins, a really nice, black vintage war tank and a 1950s Herbie – these are just some of the toys/models you can get in the auction houses. The colours of these models have faded over the years, but only to add a lot more character and presence. Place them in any frame and it’ll look like it’s been shot with a warm 1960s filter and your room will feel transformed. So whether you want to get these as gifts for a child, or cherish and collect them for personal satisfaction, these one-of-a-kind pieces can definitely not be ignored on any visit to the store. Prices start at INR 2,000.


    Ever get tired of typing on a laptop and not being able to hold physical copies of your writing? These typewriters, are in perfect working condition and come in different colours and models. They offer a variety of typewriters from really old black metal ones, to bright blue and green portables ones from companies like Remington and Smith Corona. We guarantee that this will add a lot of character to your writing desk. Prices start at INR 2,000.

    Gramaphones and Record Players

    So many of us have all our parents’ and grandparents’ records just lying around and gathering dust on some forgotten shelf or trunk. While most of the world has moved on to Bluetooth speakers and iTunes downloads, some of us really can’t get over the rawness of the sound produced on these vinyls. You can pick up really old, majestic-looking gramophones here, and sleeker, more retro pop looking portable record players which come in cases. If you’re lucky you might find one in a colour which matches your room. Prices start at INR 1,500.

    Old Chess Boards

    I am not a big fan of chess, but even I was completely sold on these old wooden and stone boards with lovely glass playing pieces. While we can’t guarantee the availability of these throughout the year you should definitely scout about here in case you’re lucky enough to pick one up. And who knows, with a board that looks so great, you might even want to learn and play chess frequently. Prices can vary based on material and availability.

    Victorian Busts

    If you’re a fan of literature and looking for a bust of Beatrice or some other literary and Victorian figures, this is the go to place for you. These look great in hallway corners but might give you quite a fright at night! Made from different materials like marble or POP, you get these at a range of prices, the more expensive ones can start at INR 10,000 and go up to six figure prices. These are definitely art collectibles worth investing in though, since their value will probably never decline.

    Antique Furniture

    The auction houses are also full of beautiful floral, carved wooden pieces, antique four-poster beds, cabinets, dressing tables and large, gorgeous mirrors with carved frames. Buying these instead of your standard issue mall furniture is a great idea because not only are you repurposing these older pieces, but they also look infinitely better and have finishing that has lasted them several generations! You can also pick up that perfect writing desk to accompany your newly-acquired typewriter! Prices start from INR 3,000.

    Old Grandfather Clocks

    These clocks resound with chimes every quarter of the hour. Some come in large sizes which are wall length, other smaller ones can hang comfortably off your wall. All of these are made of good wood {like teak and mahogany} and add extravagance to any home they’re put up in. Prices start at INR 2,000.