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Baarique's Hand-Painted Utensils Are Kitchen #Goals


Baarique is a unique website that sells hand-painted versions of traditional metal utensils – and we’re in love with how delicate yet sturdy they are.

Health And Design, Too

These first caught our eye when Mumbai’s favourite pastry chef, Le 15’s Pooja Dhingra, used their hand-painted kansa plates for a meal she helmed at the Mag Street Kitchen {click here to see what she used}.

We love these utensils for their balance between beautiful design and traditional crockery. A kansa pot {healing metal} – is known to improve development of the red blood cells; brass vessels shield us from water-borne diseases {bring these pots to the office}, and of course, copper which balances acidity. A utensil a day, keeps the doctor away?

What We Love

Everything – from the stories behind every utensil to the beautiful intricate hand-painting by their skilled craftsmen. All of the designs are originally painted by the duo, then replicated by the skilled painters on these metals. We also love that these utensils are especially molded and created by the craftsmen from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, ensuring quality. Also, they deliver across the country!

Our favourites – their bowls painted with Kerala boathouses, Ombre orchids, and the dancing peacock from Rajasthan.

Shop online here.

Price: INR 1,500 upwards

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