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Drunken Monkey's New Menu Has Over 120 Types of Milkshakes Starting at Just INR 109

Raisa posted on 11 September


Sexy Spinach, Avocado and Coffee Nutella Magic – Drunken Monkey has introduced a new milkshake menu that has more than 120 kinds of liquid perfection!

Milkshake It Up

Healthy, natural, with no added preservatives or added sugar, Drunken Monkey’s new menu has 120 different milkshakes, smoothies and juices that has us all drooling.

And don’t get us started on how epic the flavours sound! Apart from the regular apple, banana, chikoo smoothies, you also get the more exotic kiwi, dragon fruit and black grape. For the local Bengali flavour, they’ve even got a mousambi smoothie.

Sick of preservative filled, artificially flavoured, and fake fruit shakes? These bottled fruit shakes starting at INR 139 are 100 per cent natural. Musk melon, figs, nuts and more are blended into the shakes to make them energy-filled and protein-packed.

Where There’s A Milk, There’s A Way

Hate eating green veggies? The veggie shakes will give you all the nutrition you need to get through the day, plus they’re super flavourful. And they get an added bonus for the very creative names – the Root Cause is a powerhouse of root veggies, the Crazy Carrot is loaded with carrot and pineapple goodness and the Sexy Spinach is all the green healthy stuff {spinach, cucumber, grapes and lime} blended in one. And of course, there’s an avocado shake!

Caffeine Addicts, there’s an entire page dedicated to you! Coffee Brownie, Coffee and Caramel, Coffee Nutella are some of the ones that have us jumping up and down.

Power Packed

These drinks are power packed and basically serve as an entire meal – they’re so healthy and so filling! Fun flavours like cornflakes, muesli and Horlicks double up as a breakfast.

You can even opt for the ‘detox’ range of smoothies if you want that post-weekend cleanse. There’s even a section called Hangover Warriors with a range of refreshing drinks to wash away last night’s sins. The Party Monster and the After Party Caffeine are all you need after a crazy night out!

Lactose-sensitive folks, don’t feel left out just yet. There are a couple of dairy-free, water-based drinks on the menu you can try.

Anything Else?

The drinks come in portable bottles so you can enjoy it on the go. You can pick them up from the Drunken Monkey outlet or have them home delivered. Call 03346018315 and they’ll WhatsApp you a copy of their menu so you can scroll through the tons of flavours to pick what you want.

The bottles start at INR 109 and the average cost is INR 150. For a filling meal, we’re up to foot the bill!

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