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9 Brands That Do Baskets & Organisers To Neaten Up Your Home

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We're in 2022, and natural decor is raging! More and more homegrown brands from the different states including Assam, Odisha etc. are handcrafting all-natural decor using materials like bamboo, jute, moonj grass, banana fibre and more. And one thing's that common (and probably the bestsellers) in most of these brands are their handmade baskets. From the classic picnic basket to jute organiser - these baskets tick off both - functionality and decor. 

Here's a list of 9 brands to keep in mind when shopping for natural baskets, trays or other home essentials.      

Daisy Life: For Classic Picnic Basket


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Daisy Life has a great range of wicker baskets you can use for different purposes. From large wicker baskets for storing fruits or bread to tub wicker baskets to put an indoor plant in - they've got natural baskets for every type of use. They also have a Getaway Basket that essentially is your classic picnic basket. Use it for your weekend escapades but if you are staying indoors, place fresh flowers in it and place it in your living room. Win-win! 

Sashaa World: For Jute Organisers

Sashaa World

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Sure, there are dozens of fancy baskets made using plastic that are probably way more cost-effective. However, when you have other sustainable materials that are kind to the planet, the haze lifts and choice becomes clear. Sashaa World’s jute baskets will render a very boho-chic vibe to your space. You get it in a set of three different sizes, that you can use to store, organise or decorate your stuff with. 

Kopou Homegrown: For Baskets From The North East


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Kopou Homegrown has baskets that are crafted by the women artisans of the North East using water hyacinth. For day to day use, their baskets and organisers surely score full marks when it comes to the utility factor. These are ideal for organising your pantry, bathroom laundry and bedroom.

Is laundry your nemesis? Kopou has a tall laundry basket with a lid that will take the pressure off of doing laundry every day. Plus, it also adds a chic rustic charm to your space. 

Kadam Haat: For The Finest Basketry

Kadam Haat

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Aiming to be an all-natural basketry barn in India, Kaham Haat brings to your doorstep sustainable products handcrafted from local artisans in West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir.    

Craft supplies are a tricky business to keep clutter-free. If you are a stationery nerd, even more so. Organize those supplies in baskets and trays from Kadam Haat so they’re easy to find and carry to a place when you’re ready to craft. I particularly like their bread baskets a lot. Put a couple of these on your dining table and it will transform the whole aesthetic of the place.

Asama: For Wicker Book Organisers


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Storage baskets are often overlooked as statement decor pieces in their own right. Instead of just stacking books on the shelves, consider lining the shelves with matching baskets from Asama that store books and see the difference it makes to your decor.

Made from natural fibre and raw materials with the primary one being hyacinth, their iron frame baskets with lids are super sturdy and spacious.  

Forest Kraft: For A Sustainable Tiffin Bag


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True to their motto, 'Green Is The New Black' ForestKraft offers home and kitchen essentials made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Their basket collection includes an array of items in different sizes and shapes curated for your needs. We personally love their tall multi-purpose basket that can be easily used as a chic tiffin bag even!   

All That Grass: For Baskets From Odisha

All That Grass

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With most of their products made from natural materials including banana fibre, palm leaf, jute, Sabai, khadi and more, All That Grass is an environmental friendly e-store that's based out of Bhubaneswar. From their rustic Kauna organisers to black date palm baskets and rattan webbed trays - their basketry collection is suitable for every purpose - from breakfast in bed to laundry area. 

Arthat: For Natural Moonj Grass Baskets

A hidden material when in the all-natural decor industry is Moonj Grass. Similar to bamboo, Moonj Grass is a wild grass that can be used to make everyday products like containers, organisers, trays, food storages, bowls etc. Arthat utilises the rich Indian rural art technique to weave everyday functional products. They make use of natural materials like bamboo, Moonj Grass, jute and more to infuse modern innovation into our homes.   

Mianzi: For All Bamboo Luxe Baskets


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We can't miss out on this brand when we're talking about natural baskets! If you're a loyal LBB user, you know it by now, we love products from Mianzi. Yep, they're pricey, but they seamlessly add a luxury and rustic charm to our homes. Their stackable organisers are one of the best ways to jump into the multi-functional furniture trend. Just pick an empty corner, and stack up these organisers to make an entire zone for extra storage. 

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