From Politics To Keeping Your Hair Game Strong, Be Part Of Some Cool Forums Ladies

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Ladies, now’s our time. With so many causes to shine a spotlight over, it’s time for us all to come together, spread awareness and participate in social change. Whether it’s important causes like fighting sexual harassment to a fun community of curly haired chicas swapping tricks and tips on how to have your curly mane looking on point, here’s a few urban forums that you woke ladies can be a part of.

Blank Noise

Calling themselves a community of Action Heroes, their goal is to completely do away with sexual and gender-based violence. Tackling heavy issues like rape culture, misogyny, harassment on the streets and victim blame, they’re all about starting a revolution. Often organising public interventions to deal with these issues head-on, Blank Noise is all about actions being louder than words. Some of their projects include Meet To Sleep, where women come sleep in public parks to make a statement about how they must be able to live defenselessly, and I Never Ask For It, which is where women come together bringing the clothes they wore when they were sexually harassed or mistreated, to take a stand against victim shaming. 

Take Back The Night

Another community with the goal of putting an end to sexual violence, Take Back The Night takes a stand against this horrific injustice and is constantly thinking up ways and solutions to bring it all to a halt. Helping survivors of sexual and domestic violence find their voice and live their best life, the community is growing all over the world and you can be a part of this social change. 

Indian Curl Pride

Any curly haired girl knows the struggles of maintaining those waves and ringlets. With limited access to the right products and hair care, managing your mane can be quite the challenge. If you’ve got a curly mane like most of us desi girls do, Indian Curl Pride is the online community that you need to be a part of to bring out the best in your wavy locks. Started by Asha Barrak, a curly haired gal herself, the Facebook community is all about swapping useful tips and tricks for curly or wavy hair, be it honest products reviews, grooming methods or styling hacks. 

Society Of Painted Dented Ladies Of India

Get political and voice your opinion on gender issues, whether it’s oppression from the patriarchy to unfair laws and an under-representation of female policy makers. The community is all about giving women a platform to speak their minds and come up with solutions to correct the imbalances and injustice in society today. Stay ahead of the curb by engaging in intellectual and politically charged debate with the other fantastic ladies this community is made up of.


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