Charcoal, Mint Or Multani Mitti: 9 Types Of Soap We're Crushing On Right Now!

    If you're tired of how rough those chemical-laden soaps make your skin, then we suggest you ditch them and go for handcrafted ones instead that are made using natural ingredients and make you super fresh. We've made a list that 'we think will help you out. Be it activated charcoal or multani mitti, we love these soap bars a little too much. Read on.

    Forest Woods Soap - Mrija Consumer Products

    Forest Woods Soap - Set of 3


    Mrija makes handcrafted, artisanal, eco-friendly soaps using natural ingredients (clay, herbs, botanicals, fragrances) that are soft on your skin besides being vegan and free of preservatives. Forest Woods is basically a green sea clay soap that contains aloe vera, kokum butter, moringa, tulsi powder, micas, saponified oils (coconut, olive, castor, rice bran) as well as a blend of fragrances and essential oils. If you've got oily skin, we would definitely recommend this one. It deals with blemishes, moisturises and tones the skin. 

    Waffle Soap - Laviche Bath Essentials

    Waffle Soap - 120gms


    Channel your love for waffles with soaps that look like it. Besides being super cute, these waffle soaps (choco chip and strawberry crush waffles topped with whipped cream and exotic toppings!) by Laviche Bath Essentials are made using shea butter, goat milk, glycerin, cocoa powder, and chocolate and strawberry oils that make your skin soft and smooth.

    Wild & Silky Rose Aromatherapy Bathing Bar - Maya & Mommy

    Wild & Silky Rose Aromatherapy Bathing Bar


    Maya & Mommy makes artisanal, handmade and organic soaps using natural ingredients locally sourced from farms in Tamil Nadu. We love the Wild & Silky Rose Aromatherapy Bathing Bar made using the goodness of rose and germanium essential oils, honey and cold-pressed coconut oil, that works on all kinds of skin. It's got actual rose petals floating along!

    Kafir Lime Luxury Loofah Soap - Melted by Paper Plumes

    Kafir Lime Luxury Loofah Soap (Pack of 1)- 200g


    Melted by Paper Plumes makes soaps that are unique in design and of top-notch quality. We love the Kafir Lime soap that has a loofah inside it. Made using glycerine, Vitamin E, kafir lime essential oil, dried torai, aloe vera, water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate and sucrose, this one will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

    Fresh Brew Coffee Soap - Soap Square

    Fresh Brew Coffee Soap - 100gm


    We all know coffee works wonders on the skin - it's therapy in itself, which is why we love the Fresh Brew Coffee soap by Soap Square. Made using ground coffee, coffee extracts, shea butter, coconut oil, glycerin and coffee fragrance oil, this one helps exfoliate the face and skin besides making you feel fresh for a great start to the day.

    Charcoal Soap - Orange Bean

    Charcoal Soap - Set of Two


    Orange Bean's soaps are one of our favourites - not just because they are handmade and inspired by the goodness of nature and essential oils, but also because they come in cute designs and motifs. The Charcoal Soap is made using goat milk as the base along with coconut and castor oils, activated charcoal powder and essential/fragrance oil. It keeps the skin hydrated and also helps in exfoliation.

    Black African Soap - Mirah Belle

    Black African Soap - Pack of 6 (125gm each)


    Mirah Belle's soaps are organic and handcrafted infused with the goodness of nature. A few of their soaps are also vegan. The Black African soap is an amazing and refreshing blend of shea and cocoa butter as well as coconut oil on a black African soap base. Best part? They provide cruelty-free, recyclable and sustainable packaging.

    Multani Mitti Handcrafted Soap - Sampan

    Multani Mitti Handcrafted Soap


    Multani Mitti, for sure, works wonders on the skin. This one by Sampan is infused with aloe vera, sandalwood fragrance, glycerin and multani mitti (of course!). It removes all that excess dirt, oil and pollution on the skin while retaining its natural moisture making your skin look super fresh and smooth. 

    Lemongrass & Mint Soap - Kaisori

    Lemongrass & Mint Soap (125g)


    Kaisori's handmade soaps contain the goodness, fragrance and richness of natural ingredients sourced from the Kashmir Valley, while the packaging involves an original artwork inspired by Bundi Fort's Chitrashala and created by a local miniature painting artist. This soap is contains lemongrass and mint extracts, plant-based glycerin soap base and the goodness of castor and olive oils.