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Book Fairies Have Landed In Kolkata, And Are Hiding Books For People To Find!

Anuradha posted on 8th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Ever heard of a book fairy? If you are a fan of the Harry Potter films, you’d know that Emma Watson is one. They hide books around cities for people to discover. And they’ve landed in Kolkata!

What Is It?

The Book Fairies is an organisation that hides books around cities and lets book lovers discover and read them. The idea is that they hide books with their official sticker on them around the city for people to find and read. They leave notes inside the book stating their purpose and requesting readers to share the book once they are done with it.

These are the pictures of the book drops that have already taken place in Kolkata till date.

So keep your eyes peeled for books placed around the city with labels that may tell you to “Take this book to read, read it & leave it for the next person to enjoy”.

Take it home, read it and put a post on instagram with the hashtag #ibelieveinbookfairies and tag the Kolkata Insta account so the trail of the book shows up – where it’s been who it’s with now.

How Do I Know Where To Look?

Follow their Instagram page for Kolkata {they are in the process of setting up a Facebook page as well}.

This weekend – on August 12 and 13 – you can take part in the Book Fairy Treasure Hunt. As part of the event, they will be posting clues on their Instagram story about the books they will be hiding and their locations.

The clues will serve as a guide to the location. They will start giving out the clues atleast two hours before actually hiding the book so that people have a decent time frame to find the book. The books will be picked up by whoever finds it first.

Anything Else?

Yep, did you know that Emma Watson was a book fairy too? Last month, she hid copies of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale around Paris. She also left handwritten notes inscribed in French along with the books.

The Book Fairies started in London with the “Books on the Underground”, and it has now spread to 26 countries.

The Book Fairies Kolkata

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