Would You Like It If Your Bags Were Made From Upcycled Plastic Wrappers? Read To Know More!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Being socially and enviromentally responsible is becoming more and more of a reality for the modern consumers. Hence, sustainable and eco-friendly products are the new best friends of humans.

    One such brand treading on this socially responsible path is Aarohana Ecosocial. Aarohana's two core areas of work namely, 'Enabling Rural Livelihoods' and 'Conserving our Environment and Heritage' are geared to achieve a sustainable model. Adhering to this very belief, they initiated a project on plastic weaving!

    And that is where I fell in love with the brand and its ethos. Imagine buying trendy handicraft made from upcycled plastic carry bags & multilayered wrappers. How cool is that? Totes, bags, purses, pouches, home decor, electronic cases, etc. are made by weaving of plastic using a traditional charkha and handloom. So next time you carry a jhola tote from Aarohana, you know that you have given back to the community. I especially like the idea of making our tableware and kitchenware sustainable and eco-friendly with the table runners, mats and cutlery kits! The cutlery kit comes for INR 500.

    But my favourite part is to be able to buy an upcycled gym messenger bag! Yes, they have that too (for INR 1,200 only!).


    They also have a section for menstrual hygiene where pad kits, cups and period kits are available.

      Available Online