Dress Up Your Dumpling With These Cute Baby Sets From Byloom

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    There's no doubt, hand-me-downs are still the best when it comes to your tiny dumpling of joy. But if you are looking for something traditional, handmade and adorable for your minikin that won't irritate their delicate skin, then you've got to check out Byloom's new range of baby sets.

    What Makes It Awesome

    New parent or a new aunt/uncle/grandparent, if you're looking to pick up handcrafted, lightweight clothes for the little one, then Byloom's new range of baby sets are ideal. A dose of Bengali nostalgia (and with none of the usual cartoons and graphics), these baby sets come in white with pretty bunting borders. Tiny embroidered motifs of leaves, flowers and animals adorn the little shirts and run on stitches criss-cross the cotton blankies. Meant for babies up to 1 year old, each set contains two shirts, a blanket and two pairs of cloth shoes. Made entirely out of soft cotton, these are perfect for newborns and their delicate skin. Each set is priced at INR 899 and make for a good gift choice.
      Available Online