This Website Is The Reason Why Anime Nerds Will Always Have A Smile On their Face

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    What Makes It Awesome

    My joy knew no bounds when I discovered this geek's paradise. It is like the Konohagakure (Naruto reference!) for anime lovers! I am talking about Comic Sense.

    Comic Sense has everything under one roof related to the world of anime and manga. Clothing, accessories, stationery, figurines and action figures are aplenty. So a word of warning: if you enter the website, it will be an endless loop of browsing for an entire day and being unable to figure out what you want.

    If there are Naruto fans in the house, I need to tell you about the bobble heads and combo action figures which will only add to the ultimate goal of achieving 'nerdvana'. A combo action figure pack of Naruto in Sage Mode and Pain Nagato comes for INR 2,375. But there is also an option to choose any one if the budget does not suit. Apart from that, I also liked the fact that they had action figures from almost all the popular animes!

    They have a million t-shirts to choose from but my pick would be the glow in the dark ones. Some of the iconic and noteworthy ones are the Death Note Shinigami, Dragon Ball Z Goku's Perfect Ultra Instinct, Naruto Nine Tailed Beast and Vegeta Saiyan's Pride, to name a few.

    Well, I could go on talking about it and it won't finish. But I suggest you all check out yourselves for a vast collection of badges, backpacks, wallets, keychains, bracelets, rings, laptop skins, stickers and notebooks!

    What Could Be Better

    It is Perfect!


    I like the fact that we can choose to buy products based on individual manga/anime.

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