This Brand Is Giving Indian Food Staples A New Healthy Avatar

    What Makes It Awesome

    Ditch the Quinoas and Edamames of the world and say hello to Indian Superfoods! Daysprings, a homegrown brand, realised how foriegn superfoods were invading our dining tables and just how blissfully ignorant we were to the goodness that lies right under our noses. This brand takes the Indian food staple, wheat and offers it to you in a healthier, more nutritious avatar.

    Dayspring’s Black/Purple Whole Wheat Flour is high in protien, dietary fibre, and antioxidants, with lesser carbs and fats. With a low GI compared to conventional wheat, this variety is a great replacement for anyone with cardiac, diabetes or obesity issues. Wondering where the black or purple colour comes from? The black and purple wheat are bio-fortified with anthocyanins which are kind of antioxidants. Similar to the ones present in blue berries, black grapes, eggplant, etc. 

    There can be no substitute for ma ke haath ki garam roti. But when you are dealing with PCOD, your beloved chapatis can do you more harm than good. Dayspring Her Health Flour has been crafted specially to help bring down the unwanted hormonal imbalances & sudden insulin spikes. So you can have your ma ke haath ke roti and eat it too!

    These wheat flours can be used to make absolutely everything from your rotis to parathas, pasta, cakes, pastries, momos, pancakes, and more.


    Dayspring also offers the Tibetan Superfood, Tsampa. Known as a convenience food and often used by the Sherpas, nomads, and other travelers in high Himalayas, Tsampa is kind of a hull-less sand roasted barley found in higher altitudes. This is an excellent nutrition choice for people who are in high endurance sports like mountaineering, trekking, cycling, marathon, etc.