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Marlon Brando To Al Pacino: Dine With The Godfathers In This Restaurant {And It's Open Till 4 In The Morning!}

Editors posted on 10 November


From pizzas and pastas to burgers and biryani {and even khow suey}, they serve everything.

The fellas at Good Fellas {off Park Street, opposite Mocambo} are really {like really} in love with the Godfather films. The place is packed with photos, memorabilia, kick knacks devoted to the series {we sat towards the end below a couple of huge film posters all the time with a brooding Al Pacino and grim Marlon Btando looking down at us while we chomped on our food.

The music’s kinda nice — they were playing Paul Simon when we walked in {had us humming along to the “na-na-nas” in You Can Call Me Al}.

Interesting Paraphernalia

Everywhere you look you will see something that reminds you of the films. The gas station model near the entrance is a nod to Salvatore Tessio —one of Don Vito Corleone’s most trusted friends. Tessia was executed at an abandoned gas station on Staten Island. The models of cars are the same ones used in the film or are from that era.

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”: That dialogue from The Godfather will play on your mind when you see the lamps here — the rods on which the lampshades are fixed are toy guns!

Pizza and Pasta

Moving on to the food we had. Word around town is Don Giovanni’s pizzas are good stuff — they’ve been around for ages and have more than one outlet {though Good Fellas started in 2016}. So we had to sample a pizza — since we are pork aficionados, we picked the Non Veg Grande {with pepperoni}. The waiter asked “chicken or pork” {and for some reason dropped his volume when he mentioned the latter, all this food moral policing is getting on our nerves!}.

The pizza was juicy and with the right amount of cheese and toppings, but for INR 485 {plus taxes}, it seemed a tad too small. They make their own thin crust base.

Chicken Little

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but the cold-ish crispy fried chicken in lemon sauce was completely off the mark. First of all, why such thin strips, guys? And where’s teh crispness? And only that much for INR 245 {plus taxes}?

The khow suey on the other hand was a generously large serving {the bowl pictured here is a half portion — we had asked for a one by two}. It passed muster taste wise — with a bevy of toppings served in a wooden canoe-shaped dish.

We must compliment the service — everything was prompt and efficient. And they even gave us two pieces of chilly chicken {served in toothpicks} on the house. Puzzling, but never look a gift horse in the mouth, like they say.

Anything Else?

The restaurant is open daily till 4am and till 5am on Saturdays. And they have 24-hour home delivery. Call 033 40081314 to place an order. The variety in the menu is huge _ they have Bengali {luchi, fish fry and mutton kosha}, chello kababs, burgers and biryanis, kebabs, and Chinese dishes.

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