Delicious Cutlets, Board Games, & Free Wi-Fi: Cafe Drifter Has Opened Doors Again!

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What Makes It Awesome

A charming café near Vivekananda Park that we chanced upon – the jaunty window awnings in green and white stripes caught our eye. The cafe is really nice to sit in. Take a seat by the long window and browse the collected ephemera stacked along the sill, including sketches and scribbles done by guests. The walls are blue-green – one is done up like a blackboard, another with interesting photos.

Some of the food here is good, some not. Give the pies a miss – they are tiny and come in those store-bought, dry canapés cases, with far too much white sauce. Start off with a bowl of delicious and soul-satisfying Tomato and Basil Soup and Cheese Garlic Bread - they've got some of the best in the city. A plate of the homemade ravioli with spinach and nuts, however, is good stuff, straight off the bat. As is the Meat Lovers Burger, Veg Burger and the Baked Cheese Topped Prawn. If you want something lighter, try the Kolkata-inspired section which has Egg Devils, Fish Fry and Chicken Cutlets. Finish off with dark coffee and a cupcake.


It’s a good place to white away an afternoon – a corner along an exposed wall has shelves stacked with board games and a few books. And they have free Wi-Fi.

Make sure to abide by the protocol set in place and follow all the social distancing norms!