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    Momo Steamers, Linen Saris, Tailors & Cane Furniture: A Guide To What You Can Get In Gariahat Mkt

    Anuradha posted on 23 October

    Need a tailor to stitch the perfect dress? Looking for cosy lampshades or a momo steamer and some exotic vegetables to cook up a storm? Or someone who will make the best cotton mattress and comfy pillows? Head to the Gariahat KMC market – it has everything under one roof.

    Local Mushrooms & Greens For Health

    Gariahat Market is known for an amazing variety of fresh vegetables and fruits – from local produce like gourds, parmal, and pumpkins to more “exotic” stuff like broccoli, bok choy, celery, et al. They also stock super-local varieties of greens foraged from ponds, and local mushrooms. Ditto with the fruits here which range from standard guavas, bananas and apples {from India and abroad} to seasonal fruits and berries like kalo jamun and kool. The fish market here is one the best in the city. You also get poultry and desi chicken and goat meat here.

    Tailors, Laces & Buttons

    The building is home to several tailor shops who will sew up a dress for you in a jiffy {or alter one}. We heard from someone that Asha Tailors is the go-to stop for excellent stitching and finish.

    The shops also stock a huge variety of laces, borders, buttons, needles and even small sewing frames {if you are into embroidery, you will love these}. The tailors charge about INR 200-250   upwards for a simple kurta.

    Handblock Print Bedcovers And Linen Saris At Tantuja

    The crowning glory {and a hidden gem} of this innocuous market building has to be the Tantuja outlet on the third floor. It has one of the best collections of Bengal handlooms we have seen in the city. You must check out their range of gorgeous bed linen. We came across a handblock printed range with motifs like umbrellas, flowers and paisleys. For INR 1,005, they are an absolute steal. They also have a collection of striped bed linen which are perfect as covers or bed sheets. Did we mention the cotton is super-soft and lasts ages?

    After salivating over the bed linen, we moved on to the sarees. They stock every kind of Bengal handloom – tangails, muslin jaamdanis, resham matka and linen sarees, cotton shiboris,  and a range of silk Baluchari wedding saris {INR 9,000 to 12,555}.

    Men can choose from a range of shirts made from handwoven cotton {INR 485} and linen ones for INR 1,100.

    Wrought Iron And Cane Furniture

    If you are going for a cosy look in your home, we suggest you pick up furniture from the shops in the basement. Pair a couple of cane chairs or moodas with printed lampshades and a wrought iron mirror, and you have a greta look under a budget.

    Wedding Cards

    Have a wedding coming up? Or a kid’s annaprasan? The cards shops here have you sorted. They charge INR 15 to INR 150  piece {depending on the design} and take seven days to do about 500+ cards.

    Pick up colourful paper flowers to decorate the wedding space for INR 20 {for a packet of 12).

    Woks, Momo Steamers And Other Crockery

    The crockery stores here stock everything for your kitchen needs. Kadais and pans made of iron, steel, aluminum, and non-stick materials, momo steamers, cookers, glass electric kettles. and even cutlass wine glasses {set of six for INR 3,200}.

    Chooran And Pickles

    Just outside the main entrance are several stalls selling pickles {tamarind, mango, garlic, and the famous Bengal kooler acahar made with local berries}, and condiments. You must pick up a bottle of the legendary kasundi {Bengal’s special mustard sauce served with fries and stir-fried saag} and a bottle of Jaina Shilpi Mandir’s jowan bori {a digestive made with ajwain}. People also come here to stock up on choorans. 

    Mattresses, And Pillows Made WIth Mustard Seed & Cottonsilk

    The bedding stores on the second floor will make you better mattresses {for INR 1,800 for a king-size} than those big brands in stores. Many new grandmas head here to get special pillow made for their newborn grandkids – filled with mustard seeds or the special cotton – simui tulo {INR450}. And if, like all good Bengalis, you cannot sleep without a paash balish {bolster pillows – INR 750}, this is the place to come to.

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