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FIFA Fever: Cheer Your Fav Team At Monkey Bar With Giant Screens & Cheap Booze

Raisa posted on 14 June


Monkey Bar is all about that football fever this month and to celebrate they have an all new football-friendly menu, slashed liquor prices and special zones to cheer your fav team.

Cheering Squad

Argentina, England or Spain, gear up to cheer your fav team at Monkey Bar with the Halftime Special Menu. The biggest football celebration, the FIFA World Cup is here and we can’t wait to chug all the beer and snack on all the stadium food while going crazy cheering for our favourite teams and what better place to do it with the great view and better food at Monkey Bar?

The whole bar is split into two sides – the green and yellow zones. For every match, the teams playing will be given either the green or yellow side. You can let the staff know which team you’re cheering for and they’ll let you sit on the side with everyone else supporting the same team. If you’[re not supporting any one team, don’t worry – sit anywhere and get excited by the buzz around you. The whole bar is decked out in football décor. There are even football themed coasters for your glasses. Get ready to be surrounded by football fans just as crazy as you!

Supreme Stadium Snacks

Hot dogs, finger food, chakhna and more – all the munchies you crave while watching a game are right here on this football-friendly menu. You’ll literally be able to imagine yourself at the stadium while guzzling down hot dogs and snacking on fries. Chow down on the Mexican Wave {we love the pun!} – flavour-filled crispy tacos, Frickles {crunchy fried pickled cucumber with a refreshing mint cream dip} or the Chicken Dip and Corn Chips {homemade tortilla chips with a meaty hearty more-ish chicken dip}.

Want something more substantial? We absolutely love the mini Bunny Chow. Mumbai vada pao meets meat pie in this spicy, tangy bowl of South African goodness. The Salty Fingers, Monkey’s take on crispy English fish and chips is another great new item on the menu. The bhetki is cooked perfectly, flaky and soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside.

The menu is really well thought out – it’s all community style food, great for sharing with the squad, easy to eat, goes great with drinks and can sit on your table for the whole duration of the game without losing its flavour.

It Gets Better

Think you’ll get bored during halftime? Think again. The Halftime menu will let you drink it out while you wait for the game to restart. You’ll get great prices on bottomless pitchers {there’s never been more reason to bring the whole squad along!} and slashed prices on shots {play a game: take a shot for every goal scored!}.

Anything Else?

The Halftime menu will be available right through the World Cup. You should definitely try to catch a couple of games here. All the screens at the bar will be airing the matches {including the giant outdoor screen} so you’re sure to be a part of the action no matter where you sit.

When: June 14 – July 15.

Where: Monkey Bar, Camac Street.

Time: All day, but you only get the deals on drinks during halftime.

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