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You Win Or You Die: Kolkata's First Game Of Thrones Tournament Is Here & All Fans Need To Sign Up ASAP

Raisa posted on 04 April


Calling all Khaleesis and Crows: Winter may be gone but Game of Thrones fever is still around. Oxford Bookstore is having the city’s first GoT Tournament and you need to be there.

What Is It?

If you’re having some #majormissing feels about there being no new Game of Thrones episodes this summer, fear not. Oxford Bookstore is bringing to Kolkata its first GoT tournament and we are totally heading there this weekend. We can’t promise that you’ll win an Iron Throne, but you’ll definitely win tons of cool, fun GoT merchandise and prizes.

Jon Snow still knows nothing, but if you’re all up to speed on your GoT trivia {sharpen your mind, not your sword, people!} sign up for the quiz. Bring out the elaborate costumes {whenever the characters bother with clothes at all!} and fancy hairdos for the cosplay competition. There’s also going to be a strategy competition so it’s your chance to be the next Tyrion Lannister.


Who Is It For?

Khals, Khaleesis, Crows, White Walkers – whoever you are and from whichever part of the Seven Kingdoms you hail, this tournament is for you.


Why Should I Go?

There’s something for everyone: whether you know the books and show inside out or whether you just like dressing like the characters, we promise you this is going to be one hell of a cool event. If nothing else, you’ll get to meet a bunch of awesome people as obsessed with GoT as you are.

Anything Else?

You have to register yourself in the House of your choice {all hail the Lannisters or #ForeverStark} for INR 100. You’ll get to represent your House in all the competitions. Here’s where you can sign up. Find out more about the event here.

Valar Morghulis!

When: April 7, 4-8 pm.

Where: Oxford Bookstore.

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