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Dragon’s Breath To Wildfire: Game Of Thrones Fans, The Irish House Is Rolling Out Amazing GoT-Inspired Cocktails

Raisa posted on 17th July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Will a dragon, a golden lion or a wolf get closer to winning the Game Of Thrones or will winter arrive to destroy them all? As this season of Game of Thrones wraps up {sigh!}, relive the best moments over GoT-inspired cocktails at The Ice and Fire Festival at The Irish House. Hurry. it’s only on till August 31.

What Is It?

‘Winter is here’ {well, at least on our televisions!} and so is The Ice and Fire Festival at your friendly neighbourhood pub, The Irish House. As the season finale of the seventh season of your favourite TV show comes up, sip on the 7 GoT-inspired cocktails while you find out who will rule the seven kingdoms.

If you believe, this throne is yours by right, try The Iron Throne with whisky, peach, orange juice, tobacco, and orange zest. For those who think the night is dark and full of terrors, the cocktail to choose would be Flame & Shadow with rum, triple sec, sambuca, strawberry crush, and ginger ale. The  White Walker – with rum, kahlua, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup – will bring the dead back to life. And the Wildfire with rum, midori, malibu and pineapple juice is like a secret recipe by the Alchemist that will light a fire inside you!

They also have Dragon’s Breath with tequila, sambuca, and a hint of tobasco. You’ll definitely breathe out fire with this shot! Cersei’s Sangria. With rum, red wine, orange juice, pineapple juice, topped with fresh chopped pineapples, it is a drink as sinful as the reigning queen! Seven Kingdoms has a pour from each kingdom – vodka, whisky, rum, gin, red wine, triple sec, sambuca, and is topped with Red Bull. Whoaaa – better go easy on that!

Who Is It For?

Game of Thrones fans and lovers of cocktails should definitely make their way over.

Why Should I Go?

What better way to fire up your excitement for Season 7 than with a bunch of inspired cocktails! Winter is here and so are the cocktails to keep you warm.

Anything Else?

The festival started on July 12 and will go on till the end of August coinciding with the end of Season 7. It will be available at the Quest Mall outlet of The Irish House.

Prices for the cocktails start at INR 395+ Only ID-carrying adults allowed!

So, We're Saying...

So back your house and let the banner fly high, while you Irish up your GoT craze and hum the tunes of Ice and Fire, because winter in coming!

The Irish House

Syed Amir Ali Avenue
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