Still Recovering From NYE? These Juice & Smoothie Services Will Help You Detox

Upasana posted on 01 September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Papers say real temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees! These cold-pressed home-delivered superfood juices are helping us get through the day.


Pure Haus has different range of juices catering to specific needs. The cleanse packs designed for detox have single bottles of juices like orange, pineapple and beetroot, mixed with superfoods like kale, fennel bulb and bee pollen! They say the ‘Coconut Head’ is nature’s Gatorade as it functions as a natural energy drink. The juices begin from INR 175.

With options like Infused with coconut water, pineapple, orange, aloe vera, mint and lemongrass, you are spoilt for choice.Who said living healthy can’t be tasty?

They deliver directly to your home and even your gym.

You can place orders on their website.

Juicy Moustache

These guys are known for their wheatgrass juice {billed as ‘liquid gold’ for its treasure trove of antioxidants and nutrients}. Subscribe to their monthly package, and you can get wheatgrass shots delivered to your doorstep.
Choose from a wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices, detox drinks, and golden milk {with saffron}. All their products are sweetened without sugar {using sugarcane candy, maple syrup and demerara sugar}, so if you’re diabetic or looking to cut down on all that extra sugar intake, this is a good place. Packages start from INR 2,999. Check out their website for more.

Juice & Milkshake Shops

NP-471, Nayapatty, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Just Pressed

Located on Theatre Road, all their juice blends have six to seven ingredients infused with one superfood. They use ingredients like orange, pineapple, cucumber lettuce, ginger with exotic ingredients like chia seeds, kale and spirulina. So now all you nightlife mavens can get much-needed daylight revitalisation via their juices. Prices start at INR 175.


Shakespeare Sarani Road, Elgin, Kolkata

    Inspirit Cleanse

    Inspirit Cleanse does exactly what its name promises. The juices rich with vitamins and infused with superfoods, cleanse your body and gets you on the right track for a healthy life. Their fresh, cold pressed juices are available in many varieties.

    Their website offers a wider variety of items including vegan nut milks and coolers! If you’re looking to truly beat the heat, then this is a great solution. They have great packages and offers to get you started on a disciplined routine that lets you regulate your lifestyle.  You can also shop at their carts in Salt Lake and Park Street. Prices start from INR 50. You can place orders on their website here.

    Juice & Milkshake Shops

    2-B, Hastings Park Road, Alipore, Kolkata

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