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Get Homemade Biryani Made With Nawabi Family Recipes Delivered Right To Your Doorstep


    Planning a party or just not planning to cook in the festival season? We suggest you order the absolutely fabulous biryani {and chaap} from this new place.

    What Is It?

    If you love biryani, you have to have the ones from Sima’s Kitchen Secrets. Launched this week, this place delivers piping hot, fragrant, home-cooked biryani to your doorstep.

    It is made from nawabi recipes that have been passed down through generations of Sima Ahmed’s family. For several years, Sima {who is from Lucknow} has been serving up delicious Awadhi biryani for her family and friends on special occasions. They have been badgering her to do this professionally, and she has finally given in to pressure. Now, as the Facebook page says, all of you can get a taste of this awesomeness.

    And it really is simply delicious. All the spices are freshly ground. The rice is long-grained and fragrant, the meat perfectly tender.

    Just an aside here, we know that Kolkata is obsessed with biryani, but there are very few places which serve variations of the usual fare. From roadside stalls to big names like Arsalan and Aminia, the taste is quite similar. But with Sima’s Kitchen, you get something personal, packed with memories of the past.

    PS: We love the personal touch on the logo which is a saffron flower in Sima’s favourite shade of pink!

    Tell Me More

    Sima’s Kitchen only makes large servings which serve 10 – 24 people on pre-order. This is ideal if you have friends and family coming over and don’t want to spend the entire time in the kitchen. Or if you are planning a get-together this Pujo, Diwali or for Bhaiphota.

    You can order chicken or mutton biryani, the former costs INR 2,000 for a serving of 10 – 12 people and INR 4,000 for a group of 20 – 24. The mutton biryani comes at INR 2,500 and INR 4,500.

    She also makes chaap and halim {chicken and mutton} from INR 850 onwards and lachcha paratha for INR 25 a piece.

    All orders have to be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

    To order call Sima at +91 8777590538. You can also check out her newly launched instagram handle at

    So, We're Saying...

    With time, many of these heirloom family recipes disappear. It’s really important to make sure that culinary traditions and history lives on, so do order and help keep them alive.