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    Get High On History, Art And Adda With This Art Festival

    Sayani posted on 20 February


    Food and photo walks are quite the trend now to explore cities or neighbourhoods. The second edition of the Chitpur Local Art Festival, Tales of Chitpur, promises to bring alive the lanes and by lanes of Chitpur this weekend through public art, adda, workshops, walks, music, films and much more.

    What Is It?

    A walk through the lanes of Chitpur in old Kolkata brought alive with workshops, talks, art, music and films. If the busy streets and vastness of Chitpur seem too daunting to be explored alone then worry not because Varshita Khaitan and Chayanika De along with the students of the Oriental Seminary School will be there to take you on guided tours around the area.

    Why Should I Go?

    Imagine how incredibly awesome it will be to explore Kolkata’s erstwhile culture and art district, Chitpur, through an art festival? Sounds good for a hundred upvote? Well, then wait no more and join Hamdasti’s The Chitpur Local Art Festival, brought in collaboration with the India Foundation for the Arts and the Tourism Department Government of West Bengal.

    No, it’s not the same as Bongaon Local and is definitely much more than the Ranaghat Local. The Chitpur Local is an art revival project that runs along Kolkata’s oldest and most diverse neighbourhood of the Chitpur Road and is piloted by Hamdasti {an artists’ community trying to connect people, communities and the city through art}.

    Battola, a locality that was once rich in printing, publishing, jaatra {travelling theatre}, jewellery making, bamboo crafts and other popular art forms, lies at the heart of this art project that aims to create new interactions and art to revive the dying creative hub of Chitpur.

    One must-dekko is the peepshow that Srota Dutta and other local photographers will put up to tell the stories of local women.

    This is also a good opportunity to learn about the famous Chitpur lithographic prints and printing techniques as Nilanjan Das joins Bholanath Studio, Rabindra Litho and Haldar Studio to share some old prints and reveal some local techniques.

    You could also join Kamalika Bose and the Kolkata Architecture Foundation for a design workshop and a DIY heritage building conversation workshop. Don’t miss out on your chance to navigate Chitpur’s private dalans {courtyard} and public rawaks {platforms} with Anuradha Pathak as she takes you around the Dawn and Phanush Bari. To get things more exciting do join Sumona Chakravarty for a game to go behind the scenes of the local police station!


    Anything Else?

    To top it all, soak in the vibe of old Kolkata with some tappa and thumri songs or get high on culture with the film Kalkattawali. So, join the Hamdasti artists and storytellers as they take you through Chitpur’s public spaces to experience this locality in a new light.

    What: Tales of Chitpur: Chitpur Local Arts Festival.

    Where:The Oriental Seminary {Feb 24}. Jorabagan Traffic Guard {Feb 25}.

    When: Feb 24 – 25.

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