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Get Thai Puchka Bites and Awesome Asian Street Food At Mamagoto

Raisa posted on 05 August


The New Hawkers Hall Menu at Mamagoto is laden with spices and flavours that will make you want to book a ticket to South East Asia right now.

Chow Down

Walk in for some Asian awesome-ness; the Hawker’s Hall menu is all about bringing classic Asian food straight out of the busy streets of Asia and onto your table. Thai, Korean and other South-East Asian countries have found their way onto the menu. Kick start your meal with Thai Puchka Bites – all the crunchy bite-sized greatness of a puchka with the added goodness of Thai flavours {we’re talking peanut, beetel leaf, chilli and tamarind level of authentic}.

If you love garlic and peanuts {and who doesn’t!} don’t miss out on the Mekong Boat Curry. Clumps of garlic rice-noodles you can dip into a thick peanut coconut-milk gravy with chunks of chicken and broccoli – it’s warming and hearty. For all the seafood lovers, the Supermama sliced fish topped with crispy fried leaves in a sticky hot and sweet sauce is calling out to you.

Don’t want to share your food? Pick the Bibimpap which is a Korean-inspired, rice-based dish which Mamagoto make pre-plated for one person. Flavourful rice with a tangy sauce on the side, minced soya or chicken, sliced carrots and other Asian veggies and fried egg on top – it’s actually healthy along with being flavourful.

So, We’re Saying…

Bring an iron-clad stomach and get ready for some major Asian feels. They have also started serving alcohol {yay!}. Grab the squad and head there for unlimited sangria at just INR 799! A meal for two will set you back INR 1,600.

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