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Bookworm, Geek, Sporty & More: Epic Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Sayani posted on 12 June

This Father’s Day gift him something unique and useful that even he may not know he needed. Here’s our list of unique things that you can gift your dad, and we’ve kept all kinds of dads in mind.

The Traveller Dad

If work keeps your dad travelling often or if he’s the sort who loves to travel around, then gifting him a smart backpack is a smart choice. Backpacks are common things that almost every traveller relies on, but a smart backpack with USB charging point and Bluetooth connectivity takes its usability a notch higher. Also, equipped with an anti-theft tracker and dedicated slots for all kinds of accessories, Cariall’s smart backpack is sure to get your dad happy and help take care of at least some of his travel worries. Check here for more deets.

The Photographer Dad

If cameras are your dad’s best buddy and photography is his mojo, then how about gifting a vintage camera? Head to Victor Brothers on Park Street, before they shut down, and pick one from their wide range of vintage Brownie cameras to gift daddy. Prices start at INR 3,000 onwards. Check here for more deets.

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The Bookworm Dad

Nothing gets your dad more excited than a new book to read, but you’re looking for something special to gift your bookworm dad. Head to Earthcare Books at Middleton Row and take a pick from the beautifully designed vintage hardbacks by Peter Pauper Press. Choose from among collections of poetry (we love their Japanese Haiku one) or the collections of classic prose and make a set of rare books. Check here for more details.

You could also gift him a book lamp from here if he reads late into the night. Or a foot hammock to put up his feet while he relaxes with a book from here. Or this quirky but useful lazy reader glasses that would mean no more neck pains and bad posture from here.

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The Music Lover Dad

The best way your dad unwinds is with music, and like any music lover he knows the charm of an old music player. This Father’s Day, make him feel special by gifting him a rare gramophone player. You can choose to buy an original HMV record player here or can pick it up from the auction houses (Victor Brothers and Russell Exchange). Interestingly, you can also get it custom-made at Record Prince (the oldest vinyl shop at Free School Street). And if budget permits, then team it up with LPs from the Starmark or the record stores on Free School Street.

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59, A.J.C. Bose Road, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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The Gizmo Nerd Dad

Yours is the cool dad who keeps up with tech trends and loves a new gizmo with fervour. And if the smartphone is best buddy both at work and at home, then a smartphone projector is the best gift you can give him. A mini projector that enlarges the phone screen by 8 times, this one is perfect for work presentations and video watching or gaming at home. Check here to place your order.

The Coffee Fiend Dad

Your dad’s a coffee fiend and bad coffee is his kryptonite. Save him from losing his best dad powers and buy him a coffee machine from here. Better yet, buy him packs of the best Blue Tokai coffee from here or from Artsy Cafe. To make it a little more exciting, gift your dad a bourbon-infused coffee if he’s the sort who enjoys a good rye as much as he does his coffee. Check here.

The Geeky Dad

Your dad’s a geek, much like you, and the MCU (Marvel Comics Universe), DC Universe and Star Wars galaxy are some of the favourite topics you guys chat up on. This Father’s Day thrill him with some cool Marvel, DC and Star Wars merchs from herehere and here. Or amp up the fun by gifting him a personalised comic book featuring him and you! Check here for details.

The Cook Dad

You dad’s a passionate cook and you can’t get enough of his dishes. You definitely want him to cook more delectable dishes to stuff your face, but you’d also like to encourage his passion like he does of yours. Gift him an Anthony Bourdain cookbook like No Reservations or Kitchen Confedential or gift interesting Japanese cookware from Fujihoro (check here). Alternately, you could also pick up unusual items for dad’s recipes from Chinatown. Check here for more info.