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From Door To Windows, This Shop On Metro Gully Stocks Them All In Glass

    Dharmatala, Kolkata


    While exploring metro gully in Esplanade, we came across Glass Point, a shop which will help you address your fascination with glass-based interiors.

    What Makes It Awesome

    You must have definitely thought about having a celebrity house with long glass panes and partitions. You can head to Glass Point giving your residence a luxurious look. They keep glass mirrors, doors, window panes and bathroom partitions among others. They only keep LED mirrors (which are super sleek by the way!) and they start from INR 3,500. The doors are all priced per square foot. We saw a bright red wardrobe glass door which is priced at INR 900/sq ft. They also deal in human sensing automated doors which can also be controlled with a switch and it is priced at a whopping INR 1.5 lakh. These doors can be used for commercial as well residential purposes. 

    Glass Point has something new in stock called a switchable privacy door. What is novel about this product is that you can make the door look opaque or transparent at the hit of a switch! Now switch your privacy according to your convenience. These doors start from INR 4,500/sq ft.

    Search no more for artistic looking doors and windows because they also offer coloured work on glass and back painted glass. Now use them on your wardrobes, walls, bathroom doors or main entrance door. They will definitely add a touch of luxury to your house. Go for some fancy looking glass table tops with striking impressions and patterns on the surface. We bet you don't want to leave out your living or dining room empty, right?


    Check out their collection of compact glass nameplates starting from INR 3,500.

      Dharmatala, Kolkata