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Make A Plan: Head Out To This Exhibition To View Art From 16 Countries Around the World

Editors posted on 14 March


Looking for something interesting to do with your time? Head to Quest Mall. Nope, not to shop or eat, but to view one of the very best art exhibitions taking place in the city this month where artworks from around the globe come together to illustrate the fragile nature of the contemporary world.

What Is It?

The show — Around the World in 7 Days — will exhibit avant-garde works by artists from diverse countries such as Indonesia, Russia, Lithuania, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Turkey, USA, South Africa, Romania, Kenya, Italy, UK, China, Ukraine, Spain and India. It’s a perfect to understand the cosmopolitan nature of the world we live in.

Who Is It For?

People who find art interesting, of course. But we’d say anyone and everyone, really. The show hopes its viewers engage and respond to the whimsical, at times intriguing yet relatable artworks, influenced by 16 diverse cultures.


Why Should I Go?

Because where else {and when} will you get a chance to see art from so many artists from so many interesting places around the world? The artworks curated for the show reflect and respond to today’s highly interconnected world, where we are constantly experiencing diversity of culture. Here’s a sample of some of the amazing artists you must not miss out on:

The artworks of Budi Ubrux are almost immediately recognisable {see the sports people clad in newspapers here}. The figures in his works are almost always draped in newspaper because they are commentaries on how our reality is shaped by what we read in the media, in particular newspapers. Check out a profile on him here.

We are looking forward to seeing the artworks by LA-based photorealist painter Maria Folger who creates portraits of women, playing on sexuality and femininity. Check out her work here

The dramatic Baroque-style colours of Gabriele Sermuksnyte {check the image above where the unicorn is poring over the cake stand} reflects contemporary mythology of popular culture. She derives from images circulating in mass culture – cinema, fashion magazines and television – and depicts the world of present-day princesses and their pastimes with the help of references to well-known fairy tales. The characters of Sermuksnyte’s paintings seem obviously oversaturated with material things and pleasures, and suffer from boredom. While making use of these “glossy” images, the artist ironises the constant chase for luxury and criticises immoderate consumption typical of contemporary society and ensuing psychoses, as well as the attempts to fill the inner void with various objects and decorations. Check out her work here.

The painting of the ballerinas shown here is the work of Azerbaijani artist Emil Aziz {son of well-known artist, Reflik Aziz} who is inspired by impressionist paintings.

Anything Else?

This not-to-be-missed show is coming to you courtesy of Great Banyan Art, an online art gallery known for bringing contemporary world art to India set up by Sonali Batra. Read more about her here and check out their work here.

What: Around the World in 7 Days — Calcutta Edition.

Where: The Loft, Quest Mall.

When: March 22 to 29.

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