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This Secret Awadhi Style Pop-Up Is Going To Be Where All The Foodies Need To Sneak In

Raisa posted on 09 March


Our fav home cook Aunty Sima is opening her home up to a select few {register fast!} for a secret Awadhi-style pop-up with incredible food and all the romance of the 18th century.

What Is It?

If you haven’t ordered from Sima’s Kitchen Secrets, you need to add it to the top of your to-do list. Aunty Sima is a home-cook who whips up the most sinful biryani and mouth-watering chaap and {for the first time!}, she’s hosting a one of a kind secret pop-up.

The Saturday evening event is going to be all about reliving the romance, music and culture of 18th and 19th century Awadh. Shaam-e- Awadh — the name of the event — literally means “evenings in Awadh” and this pop-up is going to try to recreate exactly that right from the décor and music to the grand food.

What’s on the menu? Warm up with a gulaab sherbet when you walk in and get your tummy ready for a culinary adventure. Get started with a selection of kebabs and work your way to the hearty main course which will have {besides of course her legendary biryani!}, kebabs, paranthas and murgh pasinde or {for the vegetarians} paneer makhmali as well while sampling the homemade chutneys as well. Wash everything down with a glass of ghol. Homemade from scratch, the shahi tukra will be the perfectly sweet way to end the evening.

There’s a special vegetarian menu as well {make sure to tell them which one you’re booking when you call them – veg or non-veg!} so if you don’t eat meat, don’t stress just yet. Also, who wouldn’t want to be served by these three bawse ladies!

Who Is It For?

Foodies, especially if you’re big on meat, this pop-up is going to be totally up your alley. Aunty Sima has been cooking for a bunch of years {she doesn’t like to say how many just in case!} using her mother and grandmother’s recipes which have been handed down from generation to generation. The recipes were actually conceived back in the day in Faizabad, where Aunty Sima’s family hails.



Why Should I Go?

Because LBB is going to be there! We can never say no to good food and even better company and a Awadhi-style pop-up is the perfect way for us to spend a Saturday evening. Plus, how cool would it be to go for a secret food pop-up? This one is totally going to make all your social media followers super jealous.

Anything Else?

The pop-up will set you back INR 1500 per person but we promise it’ll totally be worth your while. You can call on 9833696072 or 8420981582 to book and if you need any more details. There are only a couple of seats available so you better call dibs before they’re all taken. Bookings will be first come first serve on the basis of payment.

You can check out their Facebook event page if you want to keep yourself posted about the event or check out Sima’s Kitchen Secrets’ Facebook page  for more details. Read more about Aunty Sima’s awesomeness here.

When: March 24.

Where: Sima’s Kucthen Secrets, Chapel Road, Hastings.

Time: 7-10 pm.

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