Here Are 10 Hobbies You Can Pick Up In Your Free Time

No more mindless hours bingeing Netflix and slumming it out at the gym or knitting. Here are some hobbies you can pick up to make your life super fun.

Shake A Leg

Always wanted to salsa or jive but never bothered to learn? 2019 is your year to set the dance floor on fire. Here’s a list of western dance classes you can hit to ramp up your moves. Want to lose weight and dance. Kill two birds with one stone — these high energy dance fitness classes will help you do just that.

Cook Up A Storm

Vow to stay away from junk food and try your hand at cooking at home instead. Are you that cook who burns even boiling water? These cooking classes will help even the most inexperienced cook. Become a pro baker with these classes and workshops in Kolkata.

Who Has A Green Thumb?

Earn some good karma and kill time all in one go — start your own mini home garden. You don’t even need open space to do it, you can start a terrace or balcony garden. Looking for some cool and quirky pots? Check these ones out. Pick up plants from your garden from these nurseries. Salt Lake peeps, here are a few in your area which won’t disappoint. If you believe you don’t have green thumbs at all, then opt for Go Green By Smita’s  ‘grow your own plant’ kits which provide everything you need to start your own mini garden. Check out her products here.


Who hasn’t discussed learning a new language — but those discussions never amounted to anything? Not this year, not with the help of these classes. Spanish, German, Korean. French, Arabic — you name it, they have you covered.

Test Kolkata Traffic

Hit the roads — literally! Learn to parallel park and to navigate the tiny gallis — these driving classes will have you whizzing around the city in no time.

Arty Party

Let your inner artist shine — this is the year to pick up new art and craft-y skills. Art Rickshaw has regular classes and sessions which cover everything from pottery and sculpture to drawing and painting for all age groups. 

Ride On!

Did you know you can learn horseback riding in the city? There are just three clubs in the city that offer classes — here’s where you can learn more about them. Hit them up to ride away into 2019.

Oh Shoot!

Kolkata keeps getting cooler — the city cops now provide for shooting classes. Be the next Abhinav Bindra {or James Bond!}. Sign up for the classes here.

String Along

Guitar, music, piano and even classical instruments; these music classes happen in the evenings and on weekends so they won’t disturb your work scedule.

Rock On

Rock the year and do something completely adventurous — go rock climbing! Here’s where you can find sessions happening in and around the city.