It’s A Dog’s Life


It's A Dog’s Life

Run by college student Anushka Dasgupta, IADL has a narrow mandate involving sterilisation and vaccinations in and around Kolkata including, but not limited to, Park Circus, CIT Road, Park Street, Sudder Street and Kyd Street. This may not involve collection of data or deskwork so get ready to roll your sleeves up and get involved!

Their last FB page post mentions that work has been incredibly slow owing to a severe lack of donations, and they need people  to come forward to contribute to their cause. INR 60 protects a dog against rabies for 3 years,INR 1,500 sterilises a dog for life, INR 230 protects a pup from distemper, parainfluenza, hepatitis, and parvo, INR 1,000/month helps  Tarzan, their permanent resident at the Love And Care Hospital For Animals by paying for her chemotherapy and medication. You can check out their Facebook page here for more details.