Khadi Is The New Cool And These Brands Are Giving It A Unique Twist

Khadi, the amazingly breathable and sustainable fabric, is being woven into contemporary and chic designs by these really cool Indie brands. Here’s our list of places to get your khadi fix from.

Red Sister Blue

Red Sister Blue is a celebration of femininity, freedom and modern aesthetics. Making it wearable for the jeans-clad, crop top dresser of today. We love how this Mumbai-based apparel house seamlessly blends khadi in its collection of pants, shorts, dresses and skirts. Perfect for a hot and humid weather like our city’s, their collection is dominated by vibrant colours and fresh silhouettes. An appealing alternative to environmentally toxic fabrics like polyester, nylon and acrylic, Red Sisters Blue is bringing khadi back and how! 

11.11 / eleven.eleven

11.11 is khadi perfection. Although this luxury brand (founded in Delhi and retailing worldwide) has its roots firmly grounded in khadi, yet its designs and ‘never-ending quest for mastery’ know no bounds. If you love earthy hues, then the label’s palette of browns, pale yellows and vibrant blues will really appeal to you. 11.11’s use of khadi also hopes to bridge the gap between farmers and weavers, and vegetable dyeing and block printing traditions, while revolutionising  the way khadi is perceived.

The Khadi Cult

We’re all for sustainable clothing but more often than not, we find ourselves with options limited to neutral and pastel-coloured clothes. The Khadi Cult is a refreshing change. A sustainable clothing label that’s sprucing up the good ol’ khadi fabric with bold colours and fun prints (read kettles, cameras and watermelons). They’ve also got a decent menswear collection that the experimental avant garde man will love. Just FYI, all their clothes are personalised. And they don’t charge extra for these  alterations either. 


Desitude is here to shake things up with their khadi denim collection. Think jeans, jackets, skirts, shirts and shorts made out of handspun, handwoven khadi with the modern appeal of denims. DesiTude is a brand that carries the ‘desi’ ideology in its heart while wearing the attitude of the young, confident and smart urban youth on its sleeve. 

Metaphor Racha

Metaphor Racha does not treat khadi as a mere fabric but understands it as a thought that rekindles the eco-friendly spirit. No wonder their collection evokes feelings similar to the ones brought on by the first drops of rain and the smell of wet earth after along and dry spell of summers. Pick up home furnishings, sarees, blouses, kurtas, stoles and earthy and ethnic garments from their collection. 


Kolkata-based brand Bunosilo's products are all 'handmade just for you’ – in fact, the label even carries the wearer’s name! Love shirt dresses or easy-breezy tunics? Bunosilo has just the variety of high-quality, handmade and honest clothing for you. Working directly with ethical suppliers, sourcing natural materials and supporting ethical craftsmanship, Bunosilo is committed to delivering a product range filtered by artisan skill and khadi.