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Kolkata's Historic Heritage Is Slipping Away & If You Care, Be There For This Talk Today

Moyurie posted on 20th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

Did you know that Kolkata is an architectural treasure trove? And that a lot of the city’s heritage buildings in the city are being demolished at an alarming rate to make space for new buildings? Calcutta Architectural Legacies and Alliance Francaise du Bengale are organising a discussion to debate this on Wednesday, March 21. 

What Is It?

If you are a little lost on what we are saying, here’s a backgrounder — a few days back the majestic Old Kenilworth Hotel at Middleton Row got downgraded and shunted off the list of Grade IIA buildings, a listing that had so far protected it from being demolished. Amar Nath Shroff, chairman of Alcove Realty that is co-promoting the city’s tallest building, The 42, said his company had not done anything outside law. Read more about it in this report.
The degrading and the demolition of such a magnificent, historical building has justifiably upset many people. To generate awareness about the need to hold on to heritage buildings, Calcutta Architectural Legacies and Alliance Francaise du Bengale are organising a discussion and talk.

Who Is It For?

Entry is free and open to all. If you have an interest in the city’s heritage, if old heritage structures have always fascinated you, and if you have strong feelings about the demolition of these buildings, you might want to attend this. Speakers will include author Amit Chaudhuri {who is also the founder of  Calcutta Architectural Legacies or C.A.L.}, Rabindra Vasavada {author of UNESCO World Heritage City dossier for Ahmedabad}, Partha Ranjan Das {an architect}, Fabrice Plancon {director of Alliance Francaise du Bengale}, Sushil Mohta {a developer of CREDAI India} and others.

Why Should I Go?

The demolition of heritage buildings and neighbourhoods have been a pressing issue for the city for quite a while now. In many neighborhoods, city code has been flouted, and historic buildings have been demolished at astonishing speed. The panelists are experts on the topic and there would be so much to learn and share. And as the C.A.L. page says, “It’s to find a way forward in what is a terrible time for conservation in Calcutta. And it’s to make the public conscious that certain options are available.”
You must check out the FB page of C.A.L. here  — they have been documenting the unique architectural legacy of Kolkata for a while and you will find loads of interesting photos and write-ups about them.

Anything Else?

The event is free and open to all.

When: March 21, 6PM onwards.

Where: Alliance Francaise du Bengale, 57A, Park Mansions, Park Street.

Alliance Francaise Du Bengale

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