#LBBCurates: The Best Of Online Finds This Week

Chandni posted on 06 July

Don’t tell us that your favourite form of taking a break from work isn’t all about trawling shopping sites and discovering new labels and services on the world wide web; it’s ours, for sure. We’re putting good use to our favourite pastime and bringing you the best of our shopping and lifestyle discoveries every week.

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F5 Company

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All you have to do is pick a colour and a pattern and they’ll surprise you with a gorgeous scarf! The styles are limited, so not everyone will have what you do. And if you want a scarf for a particular occasion, you can let them know that too. God, this is every scarf-lover’s dream.

Price: Starting at INR 135

Contact: +91 9711851685

Check out their website here. Follow them on Facebook here or Instagram here.


Healthy living on your mind? Calcutta-based Beej has everything organic and edible; from cumin seeds to honey, coriander powder, to even cashews! And along with every item, they tell you exactly what the benefits of each of them, so you can make an informed decision.

Price: On request

Contact: Call +91 9830290530 or write to beejorganic@gmail.com

Check out their website here to view their collection. Follow them on Facebook here or Instagram here.

Joker & Witch

Bangalore-based Joker & Witch is all about accessories. From minimal designs in bracelets, earrings, body chains, head chains and neckpieces, to watches for every occasion, these guys have it all. They also offer casual shoes, sunglasses and bags {ranging from totes to backpacks}.

Price: INR 249 – 2,199

Contact: +91 9886062556

Check out their website here. Follow them on Facebook here or on Instagram here.


Delhi-based AZGA makes alluring add-ons for your formals. From cufflinks to lapel pins and pocket squares to tie-bars, AZGA’s assortment of accessories is absolutely enviable. They also make hand-crafted buttons and umbrellas!

Price: Starting at INR 1,000

Contact: Write to azgaonline@gmail.com

Check out their website here. Follow them on Facebook here or on Instagram here.


Calcutta-based Blankslate believes in creative clothing, like a blank space for an artist to cover with his/her imagination. Started by Snigdha Seksaria, Blankslate’s clothes reflect quirky embroidery, hints of pop culture, and abstract prints featuring texts.

Price: INR 4,500 – 10,000

Contact: Write to info.blankslatedesign@gmail.com

Follow them on Facebook here.