Fish & Chips, Potato Wedges & More: This Golpark Outlet Serves Delish London Street Food

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What Makes It Awesome

This place was a discovery that can save lives of many who on a tight budget. Feeling fancy but got pocket restraint? Try Appetiso, which is located at the lane next to Mouchaak, towards Nnoni Jewellers. They specialise in London street food. We tried a few items off their list and must say, it's quite a good deal.

Among those are Good Ol' Fish & Chips which is an all-time British classic. Up next is Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce which is nice and soft. Almost melt in the mouth. A must try. Followed by Crusted Chicken {Lime infused} which is the best of the lot and is definitely a huge recommendation. The chicken has a cornflake layer coating which makes it nice and crunchy. And that lemon infusion simply takes it to the next level. Cottage cheese fingers is definitely a very good option for the veggie people. Nicely done, it comes with potato wedges which are really good.

We also got a takeaway which had fried fish with mustard sauce which is nice and crunchy. I really like their mustard dips. Give this place a try and you surely won't be disappointed.

What Could Be Better?

Space here is very cramped and it can be really difficult to stand and eat there. That being said, the food is affordable and easy going!

What's My Pro Tip?

It's only a kiosk so opting for a takeaway would be the best option.

Anything Else?

They haven't introduced beverages so it would be good if you are carrying some with you, just in case you want to sip on something.

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