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Kolkata Police's New Pujo App Has All The Solutions To Your Pandal Hopping Woes

Moyurie posted on 22 September


Forget unforeseen traffic jams and searching around for eateries- Kolkata Police’s new app, UtsavApp, is the pandal hopping guide this Pujo.

What Is It?

If you have ever pandal hopped with friends and family during Pujo, you’ll know the many woes of the same. UtsavApp, created by Sumit Das and Avhik Saha, in collaboration with Kolkata Police, is the one-stop app for pandal hoppers everywhere.

But what all does UtsavApp do?

Updates maps, shortest routes and traffic? Check. Provides emergency contacts of the nearest police station, nursing homes, hospitals and ambulances? Check. Shows the list of nearby restaurants along with their ratings on Zomato? Check.

Not only that, it has a list of the big Pujos in and around your current location or the area you specify, along with pictures, and the average ratings and reviews of the pujas provided by the users themselves. Just zone in onto any specific area- say Behala or South Kolkata, and the list of all the Pujos is whipped up right before your eyes.

How Does It Work?

You can choose to create a profile or use it without one. The app detects your location and conjures up a list of the nearby Pujos, public washrooms, emergency contacts of the area, as well as the nearby eateries. The page of the individual Pujos has check-in and bookmark options, and they are linked ith your Uber and Google Maps apps so you promptly catch a cab to the said pujo. This is what we call ingenuity.

What Do We Love?

What we love is the fact that it doubles a social media site as well, where you can upload pictures of you pandalhopping and eating around, rate and review pujos, and find other users who are near you. The app is linked to Facebook, so you can easily share your posts and pictures on your Facebook profile. They also have a chatroom, where you can make plans and share pictures and stories with your friends on the fly!

Anything Else?

Since there isn’t any option to be selective about who can connect with you over this app, there might be chances of receiving texts from people you might not know personally. Pujo is the best time to make friends, but we suggest you also stay a little wary.

So, We’re Saying…

A small download of around 7 MB has the power to make all your pujo plans go more smoothly and even more fun. Head over to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to get the UtsavApp for this Pujo.