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Check Out The Newest Outlet Serving Heavenly Mughlai Near Desapriya Park!

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    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Spice Market: Located close to Desapriya Park and just opposite to Maharaja snacks, this resto-bar specializes in Indian, Chinese and Mughlai cuisines. Their highly diversified menu of cocktails and mocktails is an additional attraction for the party hoppers.

    What We Ordered:

    Cocktails & Mocktails:
    * LIIT
    * Sangria
    * Cocktail Shooters
    * Vodkatini
    * Fruit Punch
    * Virgin Pinacolada

    * Mutton Shammi Kebab
    * Chilli Potato Dry
    * Kung Pao Fish

    * Chicken Biryani
    * Malai Kofta
    * Chicken Rice Noodles

    * Date Pancake

    * Sarat Bose Road, Desapriya Park, Kolkata

    Highly Recommended: Sangria, Fruit Punch, Mutton Shammi Kebab, Kung Pao Fish, Chicken Rice Noodles

    Verdict: Loved the food here and most importantly, they have the best staffs. The way they served us and spoke to us throughout is worth mentioning. Personally, I loved the Mutton Shammi Kebab a lot. It was so flavourful and the filling was so good that you will feel the minced mutton in every bite
    This is another pocket-friendly outlet and if you are around Desapriya Parkside do give this place a visit

    Attraction: Happy Hour Drinks at - ₹89 only from 12pm - 7pm

      Ballygunge, Kolkata