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These 5 Places In The Mountains Are Perfect For A Quiet Stay

    A little peace and quiet never hurt anyone, right? Here is a list of pretty little places in the eastern hills where you can escape the city madness and heat and dust. 


    Situated in the Solan district, this cantonment area is nature dominant and sparsely populated. And it is your shade card for all the greens in the world! Added perks? The momos here are better than anywhere else I have been to. And do try the bun samosas - it's not as ordinary as it sounds.Check out the old church which has visibly lived through many good and bad times. Take the super-long walk to Manki Point - you might want to punch me in the face later because I suggested it, but the view from the top is definitely worth it. And like every hill station ever: the sunset point... nope, the sunset point isn't important, but the walk to get there is. It's filled with beautiful flowers and banners of soldiers who have fought for the country. Keep your nights free for star watching. Book yourself a room at The Mystic Pines. A tiny homestay situated a little lower than Kasauli, it looks like its right outside a fairytale. 


    Not very far away from Shimla, Mashobra is this place that seems like it is nature-made to deliver peace to city-lagged eyes. There won’t be a single sight of the beautiful village that you won’t take a mental picture of. You'd mostly want to walk around here and try and interact with the locals. Ask them about their day, and maybe learn a little about how to survive with no network and one tiny store in a hay hut.  Book your stay at a homestay called Harmony Holiday Home, a small bungalow situated right in the middle of the teeny-tiny place.  


    Plan a long weekend getaway to Okhrey, merely 130kms from Siliguri to experience exceptional beauty. Sitting at an elevation of 10,000ft, Okhrey is a tiny Sikkimese village with a mini population count and macro beauty count. Check out the Rhododendron Sanctuary. Don't miss this because it will probably be your personal Jurassic Park (minus the wildlife, of course.). If you're lucky enough, maybe the sight of the majestic Kanchenjunga graces you as well. Book a stay at The Royal Barsey Homestay. 


    So small that it can be completely covered on foot, Naggar near Manali is a necessary pit-stop for all mountain bikers. A gorgeous castle, small stores and roadside stalls selling local food are the highlights of this place. Definitely step into Naggar Castle. Used for shoots of soaps and films, the castle has impeccable local architecture and oodles of grace. They had a genius design to protect the castle from damages during earthquakes. Have your brekkies at the German Bakery, a cosy cafe serving the best chocolate cake slices. One of my best memories is the uphill trek to the Gauri Shankar Temple through tall trees. This temple is quiet and has the most peaceful vibe, and you'd wish you didn't have to leave. Ever. Remember to carry water bottles, you'll need them. Book a stay at Soham's Chateau de Naggar. They have a very rustic feel in their small space located on one of the upward heading roads. Have your in-house meals at their terrace, while looking out to the beautiful landscape.


    Everyone knows and loves Darjeeling, but this place located not far from the 'Queen of Hills'  is no less. It's quaint, isolated and absolutely beautiful. Most times of the year, Lamahatta lets you catch a glimpse of Kanchenjunga. Book a stay at Nawang Homestay. Spread across acres of land, they have their own farm and a small lane of the most rare orchids. Enjoy your meals with the owners, listening to their stories or give them a hand in cooking in their kitchen.