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7 Awesome New Year Resolutions For 2018 {And How To Make Them Happen}

Orishtha posted on 30 December

This past year, I was able to check off two of my New Year resolutions and that for me was a big deal. I think the success of a resolution is in the setting of the goal. Here are some non-traditional resolutions that may not seem life altering but they are baby steps towards the bigger picture called life!

Write More Letters

As a generation, we’ve long given up on the concept of sending handwritten letters. This year, we could perhaps single handedly revive the Indian Postal Service! Pick up some cute and quirky notebooks, postcards and writing supplies from Byloom, Alicia Souza, The Filmy Owl, Curry Mag,Alisha Islam and get started. More notebook ideas here.

Keep a lookout for workshops on letter writing like Postcards Over Tea hosted by Pen Paper Dreams. You can pick up some nice letterpads from Oxford Bookstore on Park Street — they stock a series that’s sketches and watercolours  of Kolkata at the bottom of each page. For inspiration, you could visit the amazing Dead Letters Office building, where all the letters that didn’t make it to their receivers go; and it’s been around since 1876!

Volunteer In Your Free Time

Now you don’t have to wait for your company’s annual CSR day to give back to your community. This year, spend your free time doing your little part for the overall development of our country. Look up local non-profits such as Responsible CharityInternational Voluntary Service-SMILE NGO, the Robin Hood Army or even by allocating sometime to help the children of your house help with their assignments. Every little bit matters.

Pick Up A New Skill

This year could be the year that you finally go back to singing. Maybe even revisit a painting class. The possibilities are endless. You could finally master Photoshop, learn to edit videos or even get to finally set up your own website! Find a class and go enroll yourself. For all art lovers, do check out Impart art classes and music lovers can pick from the many music classes the city has to offer — check them out here. Want to pick up salsa or Zumba? Check out these dance classes here and here. If you want to pick up a foreign language, check out this LBB recommendation.

Travel & Explore The State

… on a bus! It is only recently that I realised that there are a bunch of tiny getaways within West Bengal that I had never heard of. So, I say do your research and head out of at least two remote vacation spots within your state. Trust me, the experience will be well worth it. And, if you can take a bus to it, nothing like it. Do save the stub for posterity.

If you love the beach, check out the places you can head to here. You can take a bus to this village of award-winning folk artists or to this town full of ancient terra-cotta structures. Bengal has many interesting festivals based around local traditions, such as this festival of masks. The choice is endless.

Focus On Your Core

Start planking. Step 1: set a goal for example: you will be able to do a 3 min hold by this time next year. Step 2: look up Pinterest and YouTube for guidance on how to go about achieving it. This may not seem like a huge change but this time next year, you will have developed insane core strength. You can also join one of the best gyms in the city, Endorphins. They encourage a machine-free exercise routine and will give you real and practical exercises which you can do even when they aren’t around.

Be Selfish, Only Just A Little

It’s okay to put yourself first. In fact it’s okay to be selfish at times. Putting one’s self ahead of others for your mental peace and happiness is absolutely fine. Caring Minds, Crystal Wellness Clinic and Over A Cup Of Tea are great places to explore if you want to start the process of inner healing this year.

Enjoy The Little Things

Lastly, I’d say learn to enjoy the little things! Those aha moments, those walks in the park that make you feel one with nature, the fact that your best friend knows how you like your tea, the amazing article/ book you read. The amazing pastry you just ate for the first time, enjoy that, guilt free. And while you’re at it, support Calcutta’s budding bakers like Kaos, the Chocotarian and more.

Watch out for what makes you happy, the experiences that leave an impact with you and you’re bound to have a fantastic 2018.