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Disappearing Dialogues

What Makes It Awesome

Disappearing Dialogues (dD) is a dynamic platform engaging different communities, institutions, social groups and generations through interactive artworks, research, documentation, community collective activities. dD co-creates and curates exhibitions, events and festivals that foreground environmental assets, losses, sentiments and memories of a place.

In the past three years, dD has engaged in working in East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) to facilitate environmental awareness and conservation of EKW engaging community youth. The research design was done in phases incorporating and correlating the responsiveness of children from middle and high school, the EKW community and collaborators and supporting organizations.

A series of live and interactive virtual co-creation that explores interesting, innovative and relevant ideas spanning a range of professions (Visual Arts, Public Art, Architecture, Performing Arts, Music, Graphic Design, Textile Design etc.)

Anyone who loves innovation is welcome to join these hour-long sessions. Each session with an introductory perspective helps you to understand, explore and co-create ideas with professionals. Listen to their experiences and interact with them online to enrich yourself with vision and skills to connect inspirations with aspirations. Empathize with your surroundings and constructively make it a better world to live in.


All proceeds will go towards relief funds to support the well-being of the East Kolkata Wetlands community children we work with