Stock Your Cupboards With Snacks Which Have A Pinch Of Nani's Love

    What Makes It Awesome

    We are smiling from the inside because now we can stuff our rooms with snacks which come with loads of nani's love. We are talking about online homegrown brand Naani ki Matthi. Shop snacks online from Naani Ki Matthi on LBB too.

    Naani ki Matthi is reviving the concept of made-at-home snacks which were very common in the childhood days of millennials, and also Gen X. We were very happy to know that the workforce is comprised of rural women who want to contribute to their child's education.

    As the very name suggests, you will find a lot of options in matthis such as cocktail matthi, besan matthi, kasoori methi matthi and regular matthi. Accompany your morning or evening tea with the plain and classic namak pada or masala nimki. They have healthy options in the sweet section which avoid white sugar such as Naani's gudd nimki which is coated with jaggery or the special gujiya which has no khoya and chaasni, and is filled with suji, coconut & raisin.


    That's not all. We also have the luxury to indulge in gluten free options such as the besan kasoori methi matthi and regular besan matthi.