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Pa Pa Ya Finally Hits The City: Get Ready For A Molecular Gastronomical Journey

Parthivi posted on 26 February


Where? Level 11, Magma House, 24, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Ten-Second Takeaway

Sushi trees, jaw-dropping views, elaborate plating, layered desserts, and modern decor — Pa Pa Ya is the ultimate gastronomical experience.

Enter With A Bang

You will skip a beat entering this vast spacious fine dining space — through a majestic gold Pa Pa Ya logo. Standing tall on the 11th floor of Magma House, it has huge windows with panoramic views of the city.

Asian Opulence

They’ve got a special section with a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the entire city, so you can wine and dine among the skyscrapers. For those who want to cherish some personal moments with the fam, they’ve got an 8-seater private room where you’ll be in the company of embroidered chairs, beautiful candleholders, and abstract paintings.

Have some of their stunning cocktails at the lounge  overlooking the Kolkata skyline. The contemporary setting with gorgeous lampshades, grand sofas, and bursts of white light, is perfect to catch up over drinks {and toast the night away}. The dining area marks expansive open kitchens and bars, cushioned couches, and modern-day tracklights. The décor feels like you’re in a Japanese Michelin-starred restaurant.

On A Roll

Pa Pa Ya’s menu has been influenced by several countries across Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. Revolutionalising Pan-Asian culinary, their food is a piece-of-art. With crazy innovations, each dish is a masterpiece {they’ll light up your Instagram feed!}.

The bistro is known for their sushi and sashimi — they have an assortment of 40-50 kinds of sushi but what will rock your world is their signature ‘sushi tree’ {Nilgiri sushi  presented on a wooden tree}. The edamame sliders are totally worth it {it’s not just green pods, it’s got lotus buns, grilled chickpeas, and a chilli mayo}.

For all the vegetarians in the house, you can finally try hot dogs. Yes, that’s right, they’ve got a veggie tofu hot dog! Everything here is out-of-the-box; and you have to keep an eye out on their truffle imitation bao {it’s shitake shaped}.

You’ll swoon over the desserts at Pa Pa Ya. We were totally aww-struck by the Flaming Chocolate Ball. It is a choco dome with vanilla ice-cream, cookie crumbs, chocolate ganache, and almonds, that bursts {along with your emotions} when drizzled with alcohol. Pouring molten chocolate and cointreau over it, and watching it open is pure bliss!

Anything Else?

We’re totally crushing on their cool, quirky coasters {one of them had six fun rules on how to eat sushi}. Plus, you’re definitely going to love their novel summer drinks and cocktail blends {even in Spanish-styles}, with innovative themes and presentations.

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Magma House, 11th Floor, Park Street Area, Kolkata

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