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Strawberry Basil To Cookies 'n Cream: This Parlour Is Selling Ice Lollies For Just INR 49

Sakshi posted on 12 April


Summertime and the living ain’t easy. Go crazy on delish ice lollies during the Poila Boishakh weekend offer at Frozen Tree.

Frozen Feasts

Beat the heat this weekend with fruit and dairy based popsicles at deals that are unheard of. Frozen Tree, popular for their super scrumptious, all natural
ice-lollies are running a special Poila Boishakh weekend offer {enjoy these beauties at a flat rate of INR 49 each}!

They come in a variety of flavours from natural fruit-based ice-lollies like Strawberry Basil, Fruit Blast, Tender Coconut and Kiwi to dairy pops like Oreos Cookies ‘n Cream, Key Lime Pie and summer specials filled with the goodness of mangoes.  Not just packed with fruity flavours, these are also a sheer delight to the eyes {you can actually see pretty little berries and fruits in the lollies}. They’re giving out seven of their fav flavours at half the usual price {INR 100+ each}.

So, We're Saying...

For a ‘cool’ Poila Boishakh, try as many flavours as you can as this is as low as these popsicles can get.

When: April 13 to 15.

Where: You can head to either of their two stores in the city – the one near Elgin Road (next to Krishna Juice Centre or Nik Nak} or  the one close to RDB Boulevard (Salt Lake, Sector 5).

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