Smart, Bold, Funny: Find Out Your Partners’ Personality At A Game Night Here!


    It’s safe to say that we all LOVE game nights with our friends and family as a perfect fix for having no plans, whether it is a Saturday night in or a mundane weekday to ward off boredom. In recent times where staying at home or chilling with our best buds are the only options, we have learned how to make the most of these moments whether we’re playing an epic virtual battle or in the same room fighting over who broke the board game rules. 

    What makes these moments infinitely better is when you get to share a drink with your buddies and now is the best time to do that since Royal Challenge whisky has launched its all new smoother and richer blend! Picture this: your best friends by your side, an exciting board game and the all-new Royal Challenge whisky, to keep you company, in a whole new smoother and richer avatar. Sounds almost perfect!

    #GameNightsAtHome means we have to choose our partners wisely considering they become your drinking partners for the night, and reveal their best personalities. In fact, having to choose your gaming partners is what makes these moments with our friends uber interesting. Here are the five types of personalities you are most likely to come across.

    The Planner!

    He is the one who is always planning! Game nights are usually to have fun, make impromptu moves and go with the flow, right? But nah, this friend is always planning. Strategizing his next move and contemplating what his opponents next manoeuvre will be, the Planner is always thinking two steps ahead. He’s the player who is most likely to win all the games, and probably the guy who likes to know exactly what arrangements have been made right from the perfect blend of Whisky, to mixers to food to go along as well.

    The Competitive One

    We all have that one friend, who will never accept defeat and gets extremely competitive even during the simplest of games. He may shout, pout or ruin the game if he does not get to win, and truth to be told, watching this friend not being able to accept defeat can get extremely hilarious. Although, he may be down in the dumps over his tremendous loss, he always puts up a cheerful smile and sips on his perfect peg while planning his comeback in the next round.

    The Foodie

    A game night is incomplete without the munchies laid out throughout the game, and of course the exquisite blend of the Royal Challenge whisky to go with! This friend would not give two hoots about winning or losing the game. But his entire focus is always and always on the food and drinks!

    The Laid-Back Soul

    This friend has the chillest vibe. His motto is neither to anticipate and win the game nor is he annoyed if he loses it. With an ‘All is Well’ attitude, he is here just to participate in the game, enjoy a nice drink while catching up with his peeps and then bid them adieu when the time is up. And we must admit, we love our laid-back souls, do we not?!

    The Social Butterfly

    We all have that one friend who is always too excited and wants to socialise all the time. Be it a game night or grabbing a cup of coffee, they are always chatting away to glory. However, owing to how sacred game night is, and how serious it could turn into at any moment. We all need that one friend who keeps it light with their jokes, anecdotes and, ahem..lots of mindless chatter once the drinking starts!

    So, out of all these interesting personalities, which one are you and which one do your best friends resonate with? Whichever may be the case, your future game nights will be incomplete without the all new Royal Challenge whisky to make your experiences smoother and richer.

    We are certain that you will agree with us!