This Uber Cool Website Is Adding Swag To Your Basic Homewear

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    What Makes It Awesome

    I stumbled upon the Quirky Perks website by chance and couldn’t stop rubbing my hands with glee. Quirky Perks has taken up the mantle to add some zing and swag to our everyday essentials. 

    If like me, you think there is no such thing as too much shopping, then you’ve got to check out this website as they keep churning out new quirky perks for us to bag in. Be it an adorable stationery to give your desk situation a new landscape or something spunky to add to your wardrobe, as well as your abode, or a little quirk to take along for your swim. 

    If you’ve been scouting the web for some cool face masks, look no further. Quirky Perks has 2 ply masks made out of breathable cotton with sassy cool one liners. Sample this: "Cancel plans, not humanity" or “Alexa, skip to 2021” or “All the cool kids are doing it”. That's not all, their range of tees and crop tops are style statements in themselves. I have my eyes set on one that says “Atmanirbhar” in bold (*wink wink*). They even have edgy jewellery in brass and copper to complete your look. Stationery aficionados, they have the cutest notebooks that you will love to splurge on and hoard. So, without further ado, I am going ahead and upping my lockdown quirk quotient with their awesome sippers, stands, lapel pins, lights, and other stationery & decor items - you should too!

      Available Online