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We've Got The Perfect Gifts For Your Game of Thrones-Obsessed Brother. And They Are All Under INR 500

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    On a tight budget? Here’s where you can get GoT-themed raakhi gifts for under INR 500.

    Accessories At Dot Aero

    Dot Aero

    Available Online

    Has your brother always wanted to be the Hand of the King? Now he can be! Pick up trinkets – like a Hand of the King brooch – at just INR 300 here. For a sibling obsessed with Khaleesi, the INR 350 dragon leather bracelet is perfect. To add to their unique collection, they also have goodies like the coin of the faceless man and a miniature Game of Thrones sword.

    Something For The Wall At Posterduniya


    Available Online

    For a GoT super-fan, these posters will light up any bedroom. The posters range from stills from the movie, graphic art and tributes to the Houses. Not just the Lannisters and Baratheons, even the Carstarks and Clegane’s have their own posters. The posters mostly fall in the INR 299 range for a 250gsm digitally printed one. You can even specify the size you want – A4, A3, mini, large and maxi.

    Mouse Pads At Wah Gifts

    Wah gifts

    Available Online

    Your brother will never lose this one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones mouse pad. At just INR 49, he will remember how much you love him every time he sits down to work at his laptop.

    Apparel From Souled Store

    Don’t want to stick to the conventional GoT fan t-shirts? Souled Store has minimalist R+L=J and “Game of Potatoes” black cotton t-shirts that are perfect for your understated brother. At INR 499, they will fit right in to your budget. They also have “Sorry Ladies I’m in the Night’s Watch” boxers at INR 399 for your innocent bro.

    Wallets At Sweet Couch

    Sweet Couch

    Available Online

    Let your brother be reminded of GoT every time he pays for something with these wallets printed with house sigils and cool quotes from the series. They start at INR 499.

    Everything Else At Red Wolf

    Red Wolf

    Available on LBB

    Mobile covers, badges, coasters, notebooks, bags – you want it and they have it. With prices as low as INR 50 {for the badges} you get a wide variety of quality products that you can throw together to make a GoT-themed hamper. Sibling goals right here!