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This Brand’s Healthy Latte Mixes Are Straight Out Of Our Grandma’s Kitchen Book

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Rooted Peepul

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What Makes It Awesome

From being a generation obsessed with weight, we are fast transitioning towards being a generation obsessed with health. But are we doing it right? This constant zigzag from eating less carbs to more protein, from zero sugar to all soup, and yet it only takes a tiny virus to show us just how unhealthy we are. 

Rooted Peepul is putting the health back in healthy by going back to the kitchen, and using Nani’s garelu nuske to make delicious Latte mixes. A large steaming cup of haldi ka doodh is all you need to keep that annoying flu at bay. Add Rooted Peepul’s Spice Turmeric Latte Mix to warm milk and voila! You have this good ol’ wonder drink in its purest, and tastiest form. They use Lakadong Turmeric (grown in Meghalaya and with the highest curcumin content) in the mix along with black pepper, dry ginger, Srilankan cinnamon and other spices. Great for boosting immunity and fighting common infections. The Golden Turmeric Latte Mix additionally contains Ashwagandha and Mulethi. If you are lactose intolerant or off dairy, then the Turmeric Water Elixir is for you. Just mix it with hot water, stir and drink. Easiest remedy for a nagging cough or sore throat. Apart from being vegan, caffiene-free and sugar-free, these mixes taste deliciously good. Even the young ones at home will drink it up without so much as a peep.

What Could Be Better

We would love it if they add more to their product range. Something to make our breakfast or snack time healthier, perhaps?


Chai lovers, you can spice up your tea-time with their artisanal chai masala. It’s a special blend with pure spices and rose petals.