From Russia With Love: This New Cafe In Kolkata Serves Pirozhkis, Pelmenis And Books From The Motherland

Anuradha posted on 17 July


Milee Droog is a new Russian cafe located inside the Russian Cultural Center or Gorky Sadan. You have to get a pass from the folks at the gate to go in. But don’t worry, it takes a second. They are not like their uptight American counterparts on Ho Chi Minh Sarani.

Chow Down

Try the pelmeni, blini, khachapuri, pirozhki and syrinki. For the un-adventurous, they also have pizzas, pastas and steaks and sandwiches. Irina Sergeyevna, who is from Moscow, supervises the food. So you can expect authentic stuff. Though they said they had to Indianise dishes a bit as people here like things spicy. Bummer. She has adapted recipes to fit available ingredients. For instance for the khachapuri, which is a Georgian bread stuffed with cheese, she mixed together different cheeses that we get in Kolkata.

Sip On

Their coffees are excellent. I ordered a Cafe Lou Hielo – superb dark Vietnamese coffee. And a plate of their excellent pirozhkis. It was heaven. You can settle down with you coffee and one of the many books by Russian writers which are stacked on shelves, beside posters with illustrations of the Kremlin. They have a few board games too.

Anything Else?

Milee Droog means “dear friend” in Russian. Check out the handicrafts from Russia – the wooden lacquered khokloma plates in red, gold and black motifs. And rows of matryoshka dolls.

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Milee Droog Cafe & Bistro

Location Details

Ground Floor, 3, Gorky Terrace, Gorky Sadan, Minto Park, Elgin, Kolkata