Shoo Away Your Blues With This Artist’s Dreamy Portrayal Of Nature, Women And Literature in Blue


Art of Misanthropy is a collection of original artworks that are a result of how artist Mohona Bhadra views nature, literature and portraits of incredible women through blue-tinted glasses. Stop by this brand to get your paws on one-of-a-kind products, ranging from original art pieces as well as high quality art prints to beautifully hand-painted bookmarks, stickers, notebooks, t-shirts and tote bags.

What Makes It Awesome

What started as a result of popular prompts like Inktober and Mermay on Instagram quickly developed into a niche brand run by the home-grown artist and illustrator, Mohona Bhadra. Her artwork is a story told in dreamy shades of blue, blue-green and black ink, mostly inspired by her fervent love for nature and inspirational women.

Mohona works primarily with abstract, illustrative or semi realistic pieces, in a combination of watercolour, acrylic and ink. We are in love with her neatly measured strokes and detailed linework in black ink on white paper that conjures up images of striking flowers, animals and silhouettes.

There is something so poetic in appeal about her art that is hard to put in words. Like the silhouette of a woman in the midst of thick vegetation, titled Drowning/Breathing or portrait of another woman with thick, lustrous hair with two fish for eyes, titled Blind. You cannot miss the fine detailing done on the lion’s silhouette with gel pen and drawing ink on paper, that is quite a proof of her dedication and love for the art. 

What Could Be Better

At present her colour palette is dominated by blue. We would love to see her experiment with more colours and mediums.


Commision her to liven up a dull wall with her stunning artwork or get her to customize a print on utility products such as notebooks or tote bags.