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Staying Healthy In 2018? You Have to Try This Gluten-Free Quinoa Festival

Raisa posted on 09 February


Cafe Pranah is having a super healthy {and delicious} quinoa festival and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Healthy Is Happy

Still trying to keep your 2018 resolution to eat healthy? On a diet but still want to eat out? Cafe Pranah is where you need to head. They’re having a first-of-its-kind Quinoa Festival and all you health freaks need to get here double quick. Guilt-free and flavourful, the quinoa festival has a bunch of gluten-free, vegetarian options as well.

What’s on the menu? Everything from fun takes on desi breakfasts {think Quinoa Upma and Quinoa Halwa} to more westernised ones {Quinoa Cranberry Muffin and Oat and Quinoa Pancake}. Looking for something more substantial? Grab the Mexican Quinoa Bowl, or the Paneer Quinoa Salad. Non-vegetarians, no reason to fret — you can tuck in to the Chicken Quinoa Salad, and the Quinoa Egg Scramble.

Anything Else?

The festival has already started and will go on till the end of February. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for date night wiithout undoing all those hours at the gym, you know where to go.

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