Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Summer Specials At Dariole Cafe

    Elgin, Kolkata

    Summer and mangoes go hand in hand and to celebrate the season Dariole cafe is hosting a mango mania menu. While their desserts already hold a special place in out hearts for their affordability and quality, our excitement doubled when we discovered the king of fruits is getting prime time focus here!

    From mango-infused tarts to mousse, the whole selection is curated with real mango pulp. If you love pies as much as us, then give their croissant pie a try. The mango basil cheesecake had a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture . Their refreshing mango ice tea comes with real mango slices and goes perfect with any side. Looking for something light? You can opt for their mango milkshake which holds a well balanced amount of sweetness.

    Most of the summer treats are placed within INR 100.

    The two outlets of the budget-friendly sweet-n-savory den will be serving their mango-infused menu all summer long. So head to Dariole and make the most of it till the mangoes last.

      Elgin, Kolkata