Sayani posted on 16th May

Robotics To Art: These YA Summer Workshops Are Perfect For Picking Up New Skills

This summer, sign the kids up for a host of summer camps and workshops where they can have fun and learn something new. Pick from this list we’ve curated.

Nehru Children’s Museum

A museum dedicated to the interests of children, as the name suggests, the Nehru Children’s Museum hosts summer workshops every year. This year, too, the museum has a host of workshops lined up from dance to recitation, singing, drawing and acting all conducted by experts. The enrolment age is mostly between 8 and 18, and the fees vary between INR 600 to INR 1,500. Look here for more info.


MakersLoft is every creative person’s ideating, collaborative and inspiring spot. While you can check out more about MakersLoft here, this inspiring spot has lined up several workshops on mobile app development, Lego robotics and Arduino (a sort of computer hardware) to inspire and nurture the creative genius of your tech-loving kids. There are new workshops happening every week throughout the months of May and June for kids between 8 to 15. All the workshops are built not only to explain the basic concepts of the programmes, but also to develop hands-on building skills. For more info check here.

Birla Academy Of Art And Culture

One of Kolkata’s prestigious art galleries and museums, the Birla Academy of Art and Culture is offering several workshops for kids this summer. You can sign up your child for their art and craft workshop, starting from May 18, that will train kids on mask making, calligraphy, handmade art, Kalighat and oil paintings. Besides this, they also have an Odissi and Manipuri dance workshop starting from May 19. For more details check here.


Like every year, the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) has organised a science camp for kids this summer. This science camp is given to learning the nitty-gritties of robotics and will only enrol kids of classes X – XII. The camp will charge INR 1,500 for each child and starts on May 28. For more details check here.

Alliance Française

Learning a new language during summer break is one of the most interesting things that your kid can do. Alliance Française du Bengale is hosting a summer camp this summer to introduce kids to the French language, culture and customs. With the camp starting from May 21, the programme plans to train the kids on French through interactive and fun activities. Check here to know more details on how to enroll.

The Doodle Room

The Doodle Room is another centre that has a slew of new workshops lined up for kids this summer. From mime and dance theatre (May 21-26) to calligraphy (May 26-27) and dance  (May 26- June 1), all these workshops are curated for kids between 6 to 12 years of age. Besides these, they are also hosting a ‘Good touch and bad touch’ workshop by Caring Minds on May 24 for kids between 4 to 10 years of age. Get more details on them here.


One of Kolkata’s premier STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) training centres, Futurite has lined up several STEM camps. Every week through the month of May till June 18, they are hosting five-day camps for kids and college students on robotics, 3D designing and printing, mathematics and coding. These two-hour workshops are held at their New Town and South City centres, and the enrolment fee for the same is INR 2,000. For more info check here or you can also visit their website here.


This art studio is offering five-day creative summer camps for kids between 9 to 12 that will include sessions on 3D theme crafting, handpainting, dream catcher and mandala making and more. The camp will also include a session of health, abuse and sanitation for kids. Besides this, they are also hosting a calligraphy workshop (May 28-June 1) for kids above 12 and a tie-and-die workshop (May 26) for kids above 16. Get more info here.